Case Studies

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Engenuity, Inc.

Oil & Gas OEM uses integrated data and control to deliver reliable automated pressure testing

Emerald 66/NACI

U.S. bottling & packaging plant meets the pace of modern business with edge architecture


System integrator quickly retrofits a CNC machine for easy OEE program

Martins Electrical/Shumaker Industries

OEM gains machine usage data for EaaS offering, despite proprietary PLC

Dignified Motors

Innovative Chevy Silverado lift system makes driving accessible

Waterford Township DPW

A leader in innovative water/wastewater management improves security and data reliability

American Metal Processing

Regular PLC failures and an end-of-life OS spur modern system design


Automating the costly process of complying with API 2350


Oil & gas industry automation for water pumping and treatment in the field

FCI Watermakers

FCI Watermakers' Titan

A yacht owner, a chef, an island resort: all get fresh water from this OEM

Alta Forest Products

Sawmill supervisors see key performance indicators (KPIs)

SCADA Solutions

wind turbines

Mobile control optimizes electrical energy from aging wind turbines

Natural Fruit Corporation

Operators monitor industrial freezers for tasty frozen treats


Environmental services company stops liquid waste overflows

Union Township

Reduced staff travel means more time for new projects and maintenance


Variable frequency drive control and live product video

New Enterprise

Operators avoid the quarry with remote pump system monitoring

Schipper Eggs

Remote feed mill control means happy operators, happy hens, better eggs

GG Services

Mobile HMI for mobile water treatment system tracks pH, ORP, flow, and more

That Bar-B-Q Place

Everything but the kitchen sink: control restaurant systems by phone


HMI access permissions based on employee, job, department

Covina Irrigating


Getting water out of a bottleneck: groov View streamlines HMI access

Michigan State U

Simple tank monitoring helps labs, leads to HVAC control via mobile

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