Power and energy monitoring with groov products

groov RIO EMU energy monitoring unitAre you working on machine health initiatives and predictive maintenance?
Do you want to track (and reduce) operating costs? 

groov products offer a simple, flexible, industrial way to monitor power and energy where it's used and securely send that data where it's needed for analysis and decision-making. 


Monitoring plus more...

groov EPIC with power monitoring modules and groov View HMIYou'll find a lot of power and energy meters on the market. The difference is that groov products offer:

  • Security—You can’t buy another power meter with a built-in firewall, encrypted TLS connections, and user authentication.
  • Support for IT-friendly protocols and data formats—groov products send data into higher-level systems that can do analytics and machine learning.
  • Edge processing capabilities—The data you send can be as precise and focused as you need, with built-in options including Node-RED, control programming with CODESYS, and for groov EPIC, Ignition Edge.
Note that groov products are not power quality analyzers; they do not provide harmonics or distortion. Their purpose is to monitor power and energy usage for 3-phase loads and send 64 measured and calculated data values wherever you want to use that data. 

Choose the groov product for your application. Both monitor power and energy:


Standalone and ready to go

For easy distributed power and energy monitoring of one 3-phase load, choose a groov RIO EMU edge I/O module.
groov RIO edge I/O monitors a pump's power & energy usageOne small industrial device does it all:

  • Measures volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS on Category III wye (up to 400 VAC) or delta (up to 600 VAC) circuits
  • Monitors 3-phase AC current using 0.333 V, 1 V, or 5 A CTs
  • Provides a total of 64 measured and calculated data values
  • Communicates data values to on-premises and cloud-based software and services using built-in software
  • Offers optional real-time control programming in any IEC 61131-3 compatible language
  • Includes cybersecurity features like account authentication, TLS encryption, device firewall, VPN client, and more
  • Offers installation options like Power over Ethernet (PoE) and DIN-rail or panel mounting
  • Operates at -20 to 70 °C. UL Hazardous Locations approved and ATEX compliant

groov RIO is perfect being that it’s an edge device and has all the security built in. It’s a small add-on, so it’s easy to make an option for customers.”

- Leslie Martin, Automation Technician, Martins Electrical Service

For the big jobs

For monitoring multiple loads located near each other, and for a complete system including realtime control, choose groov EPIC with power monitoring modules.
groov EPIC with power monitoring modules wired to four pumpsEach power monitoring module:

  • Measures volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS on Category III wye (up to 400 VAC) or delta (up to 600 VAC) circuits
  • Monitors 3-phase AC current using 0.333 V, 1 V, or 5 A CTs
  • Provides a total of 64 measured and calculated data values
The groov EPIC system includes:
  • Realtime control with programming options
  • Cybersecurity features like device firewall, account authentication, TLS encryption, VPN client, and more
  • Included software for system configuration, control, HMI, and data communications using OT and IT protocols and tools 
  • Reliable Opto 22 I/O (most guaranteed for life) for just about any field signal you need
  • UL Hazardous Locations approval and ATEX compliance
  • Wide -20 to 70 °C. operating temperature range

"We got a quote for a groov EPIC system and were very impressed with the value and versatility offered."

- Grant Pinkos, President, American Metal Processing

A little history

We've offered energy monitoring products for many years, starting with the SNAP PAC System SNAP-AIPM input modules and moving on to OptoEMU Sensors (the OPTOEMU-SNR-3V and OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2). More than 10 years ago we used them to reduce our energy spend here at Opto 22.

These products are still used by many customers and fully supported. The case studies below demonstrate ways Opto 22 energy products are helping reduce costs and provide solutions for a wide variety of customers.

But today is different

Think about how much technology has changed over the last 10 years. What makes groov products different from our older products—and so much better for today's requirements—are the new IIoT capabilities added in 10 years' worth of innovation.

With groov RIO EMU and the groov EPIC PM module, you can now:

  • Monitor high voltages—up to 600 VAC
  • Easily communicate power and energy data anywhere you need it, to software and services on premises and in the cloud
  • Build a more cybersecure system with built-in features like a device firewall, data encryption, and account management

Energy case studies

These customer projects are using Opto 22 products for energy monitoring:

Cooling tunnel monitoring & control

groov RIO fits a client's need for energy efficiency management for cooling tunnel fans in this customer's story, contributed by a system integrator in our OptoForums. 


Predictive maintenance

Most everyday equipment is full of useful data—how well it’s working, how much energy it’s using, how often it’s put to work—if you can get the data. See how system integrator Enginuity quickly retrofitted a CNC machine to leverage its data for a predictive maintenance program.


Monitoring refrigeration system

At the Mariah Meat Packing Plant, rising utility costs reduced profits and threatened the plant's very existence. A new monitoring system pinpointed problems with Mariah's refrigeration system and saved Mariah hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


Thomson/RCA needed accurate, detailed energy costs to bill individual departments and lessees at their 80+ acre facility in Indiana. Data from over 100 I/O points solved the billing problem and pointed out possible cost savings, including reducing air compressor electrical costs by 20%. Read the Thomson/RCA case study


SCADA Solutions

SCADA Solutions uses Internet of Things technologies to control 30-year-old wind turbines automatically, based on the fluctuating price of electricity. Watch the  SCADA Solutions Case Study video.

 Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy changes waste from oil fields into usable products with onsite processing and remote monitoring and control. Watch the Pioneer Energy Case Study video.

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