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Do you need help integrating, installing, or updating your Opto 22 system? Or implementing an Internet of Things project? An OptoPartner can help.

IoT Certified OptoPartners

Opto 22 IoT Certified OptoPartners bring the skills and experience to realize your Internet of Things goals. These partners know both automation systems and IT systems. Learn more about IoT Certified OptoPartners.

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  Company State/Region Country Website IoT Certified  
  22 Solutions Victoria Australia    
Advanced Control Solutions
USA IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
  Advanced Energy Control Wisconsin USA    
  AIS Gauging Indiana USA    
  Algosystems SA Attiki Greece    
  All-Phase Controls & Automation Washington USA    
  APCO Inc. Utah USA    
  Applied Control Engineering Delaware USA    
  Aquila Group Inc Florida USA IoT Certified  
  Arizona Facility Services Arizona USA    
  Arrowfinch Technologies WLL Manama Bahrain    
  Asahi Electronics Co., Ltd.   Japan
IoT Certified  
  AT-Automation Limburg The Netherlands IoT Certified  
Automated Concepts, Inc. Texas USA IoT Certified  
Automated Control Concepts. Inc. New Jersey USA    
  Avadine California USA IoT Certified  
  AXONE-IO Nouvelle Aquitaine France    
BDATA Solutions Inc. Ontario Canada IoT Certified  
  Brilliant Sun Technology Ltd. Kao-hsiung Taiwan   OptoCertified Trainer
  Calcon Systems California USA    
  Climate Control Ontario Canada    
  Controlled Environment Structures, Inc. Massachusetts USA
OptoCertified Trainer
Corso Systems Illinois USA
  Cross Company North Carolina USA    
  DB Digital Technology Alberta Canada   OptoCertified Trainer
  DC Engineering Idaho USA    
  DNR Systems Inc. California USA    
  eBiZolution Inc Manila Philippines    
  EcoXplore   Singapore    
  Eliar A.S. Istanbul Turkey    
Engenuity Inc. Texas USA IoT Certified  
Enginuity Nova Scotia Canada IoT Certified  
  Environ Ohio USA    
  Essential Data Control Systems Inc. Arizona USA IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
  Facilities Protection Inc. Manila Philippines IoT Certified  
  FB Group Amman Jordan   OptoCertified Trainer
  Feyen Zylstra LLC Michigan USA
IoT Certified  
  Frick by Johnson Controls, Incorporated Pennsylvania USA    
G5 Consulting & Engineering Wisconsin USA IoT Certified  
Grantek Systems Integration Pennsylvania USA    
  INS (Industrial Networking Sol) Texas USA    
InstruLogic Virginia USA IoT Certified  
Instrumentación y Control 22 S.A. de C.V. Nuevo Leon Mexico   OptoCertified Trainer
  Integrate Controls and Automation California USA email: IoT Certified  
  Interlog Santiago Chile

  OptoCertified Trainer
  Jeff Owens Engineering, Inc. Texas USA IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
  Jelectron, Inc. Florida USA    
JP Plus New Hampshire USA    
Kiser Controls Co. Illinois USA    
  Larkin Controls LLC New Jersey USA    
  Leuze Electronic Ltda Sao Paulo Brazil IoT Certified  
Martin Control Systems Inc.  Ohio USA IoT Certified  
  Mesa Associates, Inc. Ohio USA    
Microclimates Inc. Washington USA IoT Certified  
  Mix Technology Limited   Hong Kong      
  M-Tech Texas USA (email) IoT Certified  
  netDNA British Columbia Canada

IoT Certified

  NEXT CONTROL Pichincha Ecuador   OptoCertified Trainer
  NextGen Industries LLC Colorado Usa IoT Certified  
  Northeast Automation Co., Inc. New Hampshire USA   OptoCertified Trainer
  NV Tecnologias Alajuela Costa Rica    
  One-Step Automation Manitoba Canada    
   Opto Africa (Pty) Ltd Gauteng South Africa IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
  Optomation Systems Madrid Spain IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
Panacea Technologies Inc. Pennsylvania USA IoT Certified  
  Perceptive Controls Michigan USA  IoT Certified  
Pons & Eve Automation Technology Solutions Taytay, Rizal Philippines (email)  
IoT Certified  
  Processcomponent AB   Sweden IoT Certified  
Procetradi Lima Peru    
  Radius22 Automation Company Florida USA    
  Ramco Systems Limited Chennai India   OptoCertified Trainer
RDI Controls, LLC Pennsylvania USA IoT Certified  
  Rust Automation & Controls Inc. Utah USA IoT Certified  
  Sekyung Data Systems   Korea (email) IoT Certified  
  Semi-photo Shanghai China (email)

  ServisControl s.r.o. Stredocesky

Czech Republic IoT Certified  
  Sincron Diseno Electronico Ltda.   Colombia
  SolisPLC Québec Canada    
  Solution A&C Technology Sdn. Bhd.   Malaysia (email) IoT Certified  
  Superior Control Systems Arizona USA    
  SV Controls Pune India    
  System Devices UK, Ltd.   United Kingdom IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
  SYSTEMICA Athens Greece    
Tellus LLC Wisconsin USA IoT Certified OptoCertified Trainer
The AutoMate Co., LLC. Missouri USA
  Tough Automation California USA
IoT Certified  
  Trevor Gardner and Associates Pty Ltd Queensland Australia    
  Truewatts Bangkok Thailand
  Turbocraft, Inc. Washington USA    
  VANSAD Automation Limited Couva, Caroni Trinidad &  Tobago
IoT Certified  
  VT Controls Ontario Canada    
  Windemuller Michigan USA    
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