The legacy mistic™ System and FactoryFloor software suite are not recommended for new development. 

To update existing mistic and FactoryFloor Systems, see Migrating to Newer Opto 22 Products

See links to FactoryFloor software, firmware, and documents.


The legacy mistic™ System was introduced back in 1991. It was the first complete PC-based control system from a single source, combining Cyrano® software, powerful 32-bit controllers, the new mistic protocol, and a revolutionary multi-function I/O system with software-selectable features.

mistic also represented a quantum leap forward in distributed intelligence, incorporating onboard PID and event reactions, high-speed counting, temperature conversions, and engineering unit support at the I/O level.

The mistic MMI (man-machine interface) in 1993 provided a Microsoft Windows-based graphical interface to the mistic control system. The MMI was fully integrated with Cyrano, down to the database level, and featured point-and-click connection to real-time control data. The Opto 22 mistic system, with its new MMI, represented the first integrated control solution for manufacturing.

In 1996, the FactoryFloor software suite replaced Cyrano and the mistic MMI. 

mistic documents

Need I/O?

If you need additional analog or discrete I/O modules for mistic bricks, see G4 I/O
To replace a serial B3000 brain running mistic, see the B3000-B

Looking for mistic products?

Many mistic brains, controllers, and accessories, as well as FactoryFloor software, are now legacy or obsolete and won’t show up in the Product Selector unless you specify that you want to see them. When using the Product Selector, scroll down below the filters on the left, and check “Show obsolete products” and “Show legacy products.” 

The mistic System includes:
  • mistic controllers—These controllers were programmed with legacy OptoControl, part of the FactoryFloor Software Suite: M4, SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX, SNAP-LCSX-PLUS, M4RTU, M4RTUX, G4LC32, G4LC32SX, G4LC32ISA, G4LC32ISA-LT
  • Brains—an I/O processor: B100, B200, G4RA

  • Bricks—a combination of a mistic brain and I/O modules, typically G4 I/O: G4A8R, G4D16R, G4D32RS

  • FactoryFloor Software Suite—control programming, HMI development and runtime, and OPC DA server

  • Power Supplies

  • Accessories