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Need field device data on premises or in the cloud?

You’ve got it. No PLC, no PC, no middleware.

Thousands of Unique Field I/O Combinations

Inputs and outputs; analog, discrete, switches, and relays.

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groov RIO wired with lights
groov RIO powered by Ethernet

Use the power you already have

Power over Ethernet (PoE) for unit and I/O, included. Or use a 10-32 VDC power supply. Your choice.

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Collect and publish data the way you want

Power-fail-safe disk. USB mass data. MQTT. Node-RED. Ignition SCADA. IoT platforms.

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groov RIO software configuration
groov RIO

Goes anywhere

-20 to 70 °C operation
UL Hazardous Locations approved
ATEX compliant
Compact unit ready for DIN-rail or panel mounting

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How do I wire that again?

See the built-in diagrams and specs.

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groov RIO wiring
groov Manage for groov RIO

Configure like a pro

All you need is a web browser to configure I/O, PID control loops, networking, communications, and more.

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Keep your data secure

With groov RIO’s built-in device firewall, account authentication, and TLS encryption.

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groov RIO MQTT