Find Opto 22 distributors, training, and corporate contacts located outside the U.S. and Canada.

International Distributors

International Training

Corporate Contacts

Repairs—If you believe an Opto 22 device is defective, please contact the Opto 22 distributor in your country for troubleshooting and repair options.

Choosing an Opto 22 product—For help with choosing an Opto 22 product for your application, contact your local Opto 22 distributor or vendor. You can also contact Opto 22's pre-sales system engineers located in the United States.

Other product support options—While Opto 22 strongly recommends that you first contact your local Opto 22 representative for assistance with an Opto 22 product, Opto 22's Product Support Group in the United States can also assist you.

International Videos

Check out Opto 22 videos about groov, SNAP PAC and much more in Chinese, Spanish and many other languages.