System Families

Choose an Opto 22 system family for a complete hardware and software solution to monitor, control, and get data from the physical world. 

System families include integrated software, software development kits (SDKs), and/or drivers designed specifically for the family's controllers and I/O.  



I/O Families

Choose an Opto 22 I/O family for guaranteed-for-life inputs and outputs to use in a wide variety of applications.

Get isolation and termination to connect real-world sensors and devices to your software and systems. 

groov Family

Our newest family for building industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications and mobile operator interfaces, with no coding. Use groov EPIC for a complete system.  

SNAP I/O Family

  • Reliable modern I/O for any purpose
  • Wide variety of signal types
  • Up to 32 channels per module
  • Analog, discrete, and serial communication
  • Guaranteed for life 


Complete modern automation system—controllers, software suite, and I/O—for applications of any size

G4 I/O Family

  • Single-channel I/O
  • Analog and discrete
  • Guaranteed for life

mistic and FactoryFloor System

Legacy system that includes software, controllers, and I/O. Still supported but not recommended for new development.

G1 I/O Family

  • Legacy single-channel I/O
  • Analog and discrete
  • Guaranteed for life

Optomux System

Legacy system with software, controllers, and I/O for distributed control. Still supported but not recommended for new development. 

Pamux System

Legacy system for computer-based discrete control. Still supported but not recommended for new development. 

Solid State Relays

Optically isolated SSRs of all types. We invented them, and ours are still the best.

  • Each SSR tested twice before it leaves our factory
  • Guaranteed for life

OptoEMU Energy Monitoring

Opto 22 Energy Monitoring System tracks your energy usage to reduce costs.


Expand your Allen-Bradley® RSLogix™ system with intelligent, remote SNAP I/O.

SNAP Ethernet & Ultimate I/O

The first commercially available brains and combination controller/brains to use standard Ethernet for communications. EIO and UIO are still in service today.

PC-Based I/O

Adapter cards and guaranteed-for-life industrial I/O for PC-based industrial control.