System Families

Choose an Opto 22 system family for a complete hardware and software solution to monitor, control, and get data from the physical world. 

System families include integrated software, software development kits (SDKs), and/or drivers designed specifically for the family's controllers and I/O.  



I/O Families

Choose an Opto 22 I/O family for guaranteed-for-life inputs and outputs to use in a wide variety of applications.

Get isolation and termination to connect real-world sensors and devices to your software and systems. 

groov Family

Our newest family for both traditional automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications. Reliable edge I/O, control, visualization, and easy data exchange are yours with groov EPIC and groov RIO.

SNAP I/O Family

  • Reliable modern I/O for any purpose
  • Wide variety of signal types
  • Up to 32 channels per module
  • Analog, discrete, and serial communication
  • Guaranteed for life 


Complete modern automation system—controllers, software suite, and I/O—for applications of any size

G4 I/O Family

  • Single-channel I/O
  • Analog and discrete
  • Guaranteed for life

mistic and FactoryFloor System

Legacy system that includes software, controllers, and I/O. Still supported but not recommended for new development.

G1 I/O Family

  • Legacy single-channel I/O
  • Analog and discrete
  • Guaranteed for life

Optomux System

Legacy system with software, controllers, and I/O for distributed control. Still supported but not recommended for new development. 

Pamux System

Legacy system for computer-based discrete control. Still supported but not recommended for new development. 

Solid State Relays

Optically isolated SSRs of all types. We invented them, and ours are still the best.

  • Each SSR tested twice before it leaves our factory
  • Guaranteed for life

OptoEMU Energy Monitoring

Opto 22 Energy Monitoring System tracks your energy usage to reduce costs.


Expand your Allen-Bradley® RSLogix™ system with intelligent, remote SNAP I/O.

SNAP Ethernet & Ultimate I/O

The first commercially available brains and combination controller/brains to use standard Ethernet for communications. EIO and UIO are still in service today.

PC-Based I/O

Adapter cards and guaranteed-for-life industrial I/O for PC-based industrial control.