FactoryFloor software—no longer supported

Yes, the FactoryFloor Software Suite is now an obsolete product. PAC Project industrial control software is recommended for new development.

FactoryFloor is still actively running on automation systems throughout the world. However, support for the operating systems it runs on are no longer available (e.g., Windows XP).

As a result, our ability to support FactoryFloor is limited to helping you migrate to newer supported platforms, like PAC Project running on Windows 10.

If your system uses FactoryFloor, and you're tasked with supporting your legacy installation, this page provides quick links to downloads and documents you may need.


FactoryFloor software and firmware

Software: Click the link for the download you need.

Firmware: Go to the Firmware Downloads page and scroll down till you see the part number for your controller or adapter card.


FactoryFloor controllers

Many FactoryFloor controllers have become obsolete due to unavailability of parts. In some cases we may have limited stock on hand, however. If you need a part that's listed as obsolete, call us to see if any are still available.

FactoryFloor documents

You can download these documents from our website. Each is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Ready to migrate your system?

If you're planning new development, needing new functionality, or wanting greater speed and density, we have a migration path available.

You can often keep much of the same I/O hardware, sensors, and field wiring. And we'll help walk you through the changes.

Read the FactoryFloor to PAC Project Migration Technical Note.

To discuss your options, give us a call: 
800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S.) or