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Control engine may reset when Node-RED/PAC REST API access table data
Knowledge Base - KB88929 - Published:
If a Node-RED flow or PAC REST API code reads a recipe stored in a table in a controller strategy while PAC Display (or other HMI) is downloading a recipe to that table, the controller may stop responding or reset.
S1 or S2 controller in a redundant system shows "non-qualified" when using persistent timer variables
Knowledge Base - KB88905 - Published:
In a redundant SNAP PAC controller system (using the SNAP-PAC-ROK), the PAC Redundancy Manager reports that the backup controller is "non-qualified" instead of "qualified." This issue occurs when using persistent timer variables. 
SNAP PAC controller in a redundant system may reset when you try to view errors in the queue
Knowledge Base - KB88854 - Published:
A SNAP PAC controller in a redundant system may reset when you try to view errors in the queue. This issue applies only to a redundant system using S-series controllers and the SNAP-PAC-ROK. 
Restore fails if Node-RED is disabled before power cycle
Knowledge Base - KB88907 - Published:
In groov Manage, if you disabled Node-RED (Home > Node-RED > Disable), then cycle power on your GRV-EPIC-PR1, and then try to restore a backup (Home > Maintenance > Restore), the restore will fail
Some tags showing incorrect values after GRV-EPIC-PR1 firmware update
Knowledge Base - KB88898 - Published:
If you set up MQTT with Sparkplug on your GRV-EPIC-PR1 to transmit from an OptoMMP device, after you install GRV-EPIC-PR1 firmware version 2.0.0, you may notice that some of the tag values seem incorrect...more
groov EPIC module LED may be red and module may not show up in groov Manage
Knowledge Base - KB88865 - Published:
If the LEDs for 1 or 2 modules on a groov EPIC chassis are red or the modules do not appear in groov Manage, you may be running into this issue. This issue does not affect simple modules (discrete groov I/O modules that provide on/off status only).
GRV-EPIC-PR1 may lock up while running certain Node-RED nodes
Knowledge Base - KB88892 - Published:
You may observe lock-up symptoms like the following: GRV-EPIC-PR1 is unresponsive. The LEDs on groov I/O modules all turn red. Ethernet communication ceases. If the groov EPIC...more
PAC Control Debug mode: View I/O Unit displays data for empty positions
Knowledge Base - KB88889 - Published:
In PAC Control Debug mode, the View I/O Unit dialog box displays data for empty positions; the data appears in the Points Detail tab and the Points Compact tab. (Empty slots should contain no data...more
SNAP-PAC-ROK system: Backup redundant controller may become unresponsive
Knowledge Base - KB88811 - Published:
When using a SNAP PAC S-series controller in a redundant system with the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit (part number SNAP-PAC-ROK), if an HMI system polls the backup controller for data from a numeric...more
No network access through OpenVPN Tunnel 0 interface
Knowledge Base - KB88856 - Published:
If you established a connection to an OpenVPN server, and then lose communication to that server, when the issue causing the loss of communication is resolved, you may not be able to access the Internet:
"Send Email with Attachments" command may not send attachment
Knowledge Base - KB88872 - Published:
When using the PAC Control command “Send Email with Attachments” in a strategy running on a GRV-EPIC-PR1, if you use the “~/” path shortcut as part of the location of the attachment, the attachment will not be sent.
Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table (and [Ex]) commands do not work with pointer tables
Knowledge Base - KB88602 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you specify a pointer table as the destination for the Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table and Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table Ex commands, the commands will have no effect.
MQTT topics not being published from OptoMMP device
Knowledge Base - KB88763 - Published:
If you observe 1) that MQTT had been publishing tags from the GRV-EPIC-PR1’s I/O channels (when the MQTT Service’s device type is set as OptoMMP) and then stops, or 2) when...more
GRV-EPIC-PR1 may use additional network bandwidth
Knowledge Base - KB88756 - Published:
When using OptoMMP with Sparkplug-B payload, the MQTT service consumes additional network data bandwidth. There should be a Sparkplug publication only when data changes. With this issue, when there...more