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Network and Firewall settings may not be restored after update
Knowledge Base - KB88155 - Published:
If you selected the "Back Up Network" option when you started an update, the backup may fail. When the GRV-EPIC-PR1 finishes the update and you check your network and firewall settings, they are the defaults.
Can't set firewall rule on ports 22006 and 22007 for TCP or port 8502 for UDP
Knowledge Base - KB87999 - Published:
When you create a firewall rule for either of these situations, you get a message "Reserved for Opto rules". These situations should be allowed. When you select the TCP as the protocol...more
GRV-EPIC-PR1 cannot communicate to remote I/O or remote hosts
Knowledge Base - KB87991 - Published:
If the network interface on a GRV-EPIC-PR1 is configured as "Manual (static)" and if the PR1 hostname is not fully qualified, then the PR1 will not be able to communicate with target hostnames...more
Gateway IP address from one interface overrides gateway IP address of another interface
Knowledge Base - KB87569 - Published:
This issue occurs only when you configure multiple network interfaces, where one is configured with IPv4 method "Manual (Static)" and the other is configured with IPv4 method "Automatic...more
All OPC UA and Allen-Bradley devices disconnect and become unresponsive
Knowledge Base - KB88363 - Published:
Ignition Edge v7.9.10 has a bug in the OPC-UA and Allen-Bradley® modules that can cause a sync write timeout which causes all OPC UA and Allen-Bradley devices to be disconnected and unresponsive.
groov Manage may crash while watching log files
Knowledge Base - KB88346 - Published:
While you view a log file through groov Manage or have a groov Manage log viewer open in a tab on your computer browser, you may notice messages regarding page timeouts or groov Manage disconnecting.
CODESYS: Can't configure Steinhart-Hart Coefficients for "Thermistor: Custom Curve" channel type
Knowledge Base - KB88302 - Published:
When you plug in a GRV-ITR-12 device into your CODESYS application and you select the channel type "Thermistor: Custom Curve (°C) (0x60000043)", the Parameters page doesn't offer a way to enter the Steinhart-Hart coefficients.
PAC Display Configurator: Able to right-click on attribute check boxes
Knowledge Base - KB88283 - Published:
When you are in the Graphic Dynamic Attribute dialog box (old or new), if you right-click on the checkbox icon, it cycles from blank, to checked, to blocked (a red diagonal line). This creates an incorrect indication of the state of the attribute.
PAC Display Runtime: Historical logs do not show hundredths of second
Knowledge Base - KB88282 - Published:
Whether you manually configure a historical log to include hundredths of a second, or accept it by default, the log itself saves all hundredths of a second as .00, instead of the actual value.
PAC Manager: Load option in I/O Unit Maintenance dialog merges old and new list
Knowledge Base - KB88181 - Published:
In the I/O Unit Maintenance dialog box (Tools > Maintenance), when you click Load to load a new list of IP addresses from an IP Address List file (*.ipl), PAC Manager adds the new IP addresses to...more