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PAC Display Configurator: Graphic Dynamic Attributes lets you select Fixed data Toggle when source is Prompt for data
Knowledge Base - KB88311 - Published:
In PAC Display Configurator's Graphic Dynamic Attributes dialog box, you can choose from two source options: fixed data and prompt for data. If you choose Prompt for data, the dialog box still allows you to select the Fixed Data Toggle button.
PAC Display Configurator: Recipe Upload/Download buttons grayed out when creating recipe file
Knowledge Base - KB88305 - Published:
When you're configuring a recipe in PAC Display Configurator, in the Tools > Create Recipe File dialog box, the Upload and Download buttons may be grayed out and can't be clicked. 
Closing a chart using the corner x while a script block is open causes PAC Control to shut down
Knowledge Base - KB86860 - Published:
When you close a chart using the ‘x’ in the upper right corner while a script block in that chart remains open, you receive a message that PAC Control has to shut down because it stopped working correctly.
PAC Control File > Archive Strategy may not include unsaved changes
Knowledge Base - KB85689 - Published:
When you archive your strategy (File > Archive Strategy), PAC Control does not prompt you to save changes before creating the strategy archive. The archive may not include your unsaved changes.