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PAC Control Edit PID Loop Dialog Does Not Always Save Changes
Knowledge Base - KB89205 - Published:
If you open the Edit PID dialog in Configure mode of PAC Control and use the keyboard to make changes to Input, Setpoint, and/or Output, then click OK , when you re-open the dialog, the changes are not...more
Serial Communication Handle Parameter String With Spaces Prevents Communication
Knowledge Base - KB89408 - Published:
In your PAC Control strategy, if you write a serial communication handle with Format 2 (where you specify the parameter string as ser:<keyword>=<value>,<keyword>=<value>,...)...more
Last Remaining Sys Admin Can't Change Password
Knowledge Base - KB89377 - Published:
In certain situations, the system administrator may not be able to change their own password through the groov Manage User page (from the groov Manage Home page, click Current User) or from groov View:
Can't Switch to Build Mode When Using More Than One Percent (%) Symbol in Formatting String
Knowledge Base - KB89267 - Published:
If your groov View project has any gadgets with a formatting string that has more than one percent (%) symbol, when you run the project in View mode, those gadgets will display an error and you won't be able to switch to Build mode.
Video Gadget May Not Load Images in Google Chrome Version 86 or Higher
Knowledge Base - KB89328 - Published:
NOTE: This KB article is for informational purposes. This issue is not a defect in groov View. If you configure a Video gadget with a URL that works only over HTTP, that Video gadget will fail to...more
Only 32 Colors Available on LED Gadgets With Non-Boolean Tag Types
Knowledge Base - KB89200 - Published:
When configuring color ranges on an LED gadget, if you select a Boolean tag, you can access the full palette of 56 colors. However, if you select any other tag type, you can only access 32 colors.
At Symbol (@) in Video Gadget URL May Prevent Images From Loading
Knowledge Base - KB89350 - Published:
If you have a video gadget with the 'Use groov as a proxy' option checked and the gadget's URL contains an ampersand symbol (@), the video proxy module in the groov View...more
PID Output Remains Invalid (QNAN)
Knowledge Base - KB89407 - Published:
In some situations, if the PID Input goes to "Invalid Value" (QNAN), the PID Output will also go to and remain stuck at "Invalid Value" (QNAN) even if the PID Input returns to normal, which is incorrect behavior.
Digital Output (Except Mechanical Relays) May Pulse On Briefly When Strategy Is Started
Knowledge Base - KB89398 - Published:
In groov Manage, when you change the signal type on channels 0-7 from a digital input to a digital output while live voltage is applied to the field connector that causes the input to report it's state as ON, the output will turn on briefly.
TPO Channel's State Does Not Change With Percentage (Duty Cycle) of 100%, 0%, or Less Than 0%
Knowledge Base - KB88962 - Published:
In a PAC Control strategy with either a GRV-EPIC-PR1 I/O unit or a GRV-R7-MM1001-10 I/O unit that has a digital output channel configured as a TPO, you may observe that the TPO channel's...more
Hint Message for Dynamic Attribute is Visible on Invisible Graphic Object
Knowledge Base - KB88931 - Published:
With this issue, PAC Display: shows the hint message on an invisible graphic dynamic object AND changes the mouse pointer to a hand selector when the mouse is hovering over the invisible graphic dynamic object.
PAC Display Configurator's TagInfoView Utility Does Not Load
Knowledge Base - KB88845 - Published:
In PAC Display Configurator, when you click View > Launch TagInfoView Utility, Windows displays the loading progress wheel for about 1 second and then the utility does not appear. This occurs...more
Quality Indicator Disabled for All Channels Transferred Through an OTG File
Knowledge Base - KB89268 - Published:
In PAC Control, when you export groov EPIC or groov RIO I/O units from one strategy to an Opto Tag Database (OTG) file, then import the OTG file into another strategy, all channels in the second...more
Enable Quality Indicator Option Missing for Some Digital Channels in Edit Digital Point Window
Knowledge Base - KB89263 - Published:
In PAC Control Config mode, when you edit a digital channel (of a groov I/O module or a RIO) in the Edit Digital Point window, PAC Control does not display the Enable Quality Indicator option for full...more