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groov View hangs due to lag in computed tags
Knowledge Base - KB89826 - Published:
You may see the values of computed tags lag significantly behind real-time; for example, the computed value reflects input received minutes to hours earlier. Sustained high CPU usage by another process...more
Gadgets using computed tags may show an error when groov View starts
Knowledge Base - KB89781 - Published:
If your project contains any trend gadgets that use computed tags as a data source, when groov View starts, all gadgets using a computed tag may show an error icon, with the error message java.lang...more
MQTT OptoMMP device status is erratic
Knowledge Base - KB89859 - Published:
When using an MQTT OptoMMP device (configured in groov Manage), you may experience (for MQTT Sparkplug payloads) the OptoMMP device’s status goes offline and then comes back online, or (for...more
Viewing the message queue may cause a PAC controller reset
Knowledge Base - KB89819 - Published:
On rare occasions, when you try to view the PAC Control Message Queue using either PAC Control Debug mode or PAC Terminal, the PAC controller resets. When this occurs, PAC Control or PAC Terminal may...more
Backup file missing a component; no error message
Knowledge Base - KB89762 - Published:
When you are creating a backup (from the groov Manage Home page, click Maintenance > Backup), if a component fails to back up, groov Manage does not display an error message and proceeds to download the incomplete backup file.
Viewing invalid float values on Generic MMP or Scratch Pad page causes incorrect behavior
Knowledge Base - KB89758 - Published:
When viewing float values on the Generic MMP page (from the groov Manage Home page, click I/O > I/O Tools > Generic MMP), an invalid value (for example, a NaN) causes the value field—and subsequent fields—to be blank.
Can't restore Node-RED backups between GRV-EPIC-PR1 and GRV-EPIC-PR2
Knowledge Base - KB89714 - Published:
When uploading a Node-RED project backup file (from a GRV-EPIC-PR1) to a GRV-EPIC-PR2 (or vice versa), groov Manage displays the following error on the Check Device Model step: "The backup file is not compatible. It is from a different device."
EPIC or RIO OpenVPN connection may not reconnect after session expiration
Knowledge Base - KB89580 - Published:
If you configure a groov EPIC or groov RIO with a user-locked OpenVPN connection profile connecting to an OpenVPN Access server, the groov EPIC or groov RIO client may not automatically reconnect to the server after the session expires.