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MQTT string protocol fails to write floats to analog outputs, timers, and float variables
Knowledge Base - KB90648 - Published:
If you enable the “Use Comma for Decimal Separator” option when you configure the MQTT String protocol in Data Service, when the protocol writes floats to analog outputs, float variables, and timers, the writes will fail.
When MQTT Sparkplug sends out updates stored in historic queue, other protocols may slow down
Knowledge Base - KB90644 - Published:
In the event of an MQTT server outage that affects groov EPIC's MQTT client configured with Sparkplug payloads, after service is restored and the MQTT client starts sending out the updates stored in...more
When PAC Control controller is restarted on groov EPIC, some types of numeric variables lose values
Knowledge Base - KB90704 - Published:
If a PAC Control strategy is running on a groov EPIC processor and has persistent numeric variables, when you cycle power to the EPIC, those persistent variables lose their values.
If PAC Control strategy contains HTTP Get/Post commands with SSL, PAC controller and other services may restart
Knowledge Base - KB90620 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy contains HTTP Get or HTTP Post commands with SSL as the security mode, you may observe that various groov Manage services (including the PAC Controller) restart.
A simulated counter on a groov EPIC I/O unit or groov RIO provides erratic results
Knowledge Base - KB90673 - Published:
If a PAC Control strategy includes a groov RIO or groov I/O unit that is either not physically available to the system or is currently configured in the strategy with communication to the I/O unit...more
E1 or E2 periodically does not respond to a command (Ethernet)
Knowledge Base - KB90668 - Published:
This issue is infrequent and only occurs roughly 0.01% of the time. If your control program is communicating to an E2 using Ethernet, periodically, you may observe that the E1 or E2 does not respond...more
Tag status updates from MQTT are erratic or delayed when Sparkplug payload compression is enabled
Knowledge Base - KB90669 - Published:
If you configured MQTT Sparkplug to use payload compression (on the MQTT Sparkplug configuration page, you select either GZip or Deflate for the Compression field), you may notice that tag updates are delayed or erratic.
Tags added to server through OptoBrowser Configurator not immediately available to client
Knowledge Base - KB90457 - Published:
When you add tags to OptoOPCServer through the OptoBrowser Configurator, the tags should be immediately available to the clients. With this issue, the tags are available only if you restart the server.
Energy accumulation and summation values not restored after reset or restart
Knowledge Base - KB90663 - Published:
The energy accumulation values (provided through channels 13-17, 31-35, and 49-53) and the energy summation values (provided through channels 54-62) are not automatically saved to non-volatile memory...more
groov View can't access tags on an OPC UA server
Knowledge Base - KB90619 - Published:
In Build mode, when you click on an OPC UA device to browse tags on that server, the tag browser displays the message "Loading tags..." for an indefinite amount of time. In View mode, attempts to read from or write to OPC UA tags fail.
PAC Manager: On Generic Read/Write page, error when using write-only address or navigating with Tab key
Knowledge Base - KB90538 - Published:
You may see  "Error reading area: The I/O Unit does not support this area." or  "Enter valid scaling values." while working in the Generic Read/Write page of the Inspect Opto 22 Device window of PAC Manager.
Parameter values incorrectly changed when pasting blocks from one strategy into another strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90545 - Published:
When you copy blocks from one strategy to another strategy, the values of numeric or string literals parameters used in some commands may have changed. This issue happens when either numeric literals...more
PAC Control: Changing type of I/O unit for a subroutine parameter causes parameter to disappear and compile errors
Knowledge Base - KB89495 - Published:
If a parameter of a subroutine has an I/O unit as the type (for example, SNAP-PAC-R1), and then you change the I/O unit to another type (for example, GRV-EPIC-PR1), the parameter may disappear from the...more