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In OptoScript block, text may be deleted and may cause compiler errors
Knowledge Base - KB86762 - Published:
On rare occasions, compiling a PAC Control strategy may show unexpected compile errors in OptoScript blocks. When you investigate the OptoScript block, you may find that content appears to be missing and the OptoScript block may be truncated.
Importing chart may cause PAC Control to crash
Knowledge Base - KB90249 - Published:
On rare occasions, when you import a chart into a PAC Control strategy, if the I/O of the chart being imported does not match the I/O of the strategy, PAC Control may crash. If the chart imports...more
Deleting a gadget in one layout breaks gadget arrangements and ability to select in other layout
Knowledge Base - KB90438 - Published:
In groov View Build mode, when you delete a gadget in one layout (for example, Desktop) and you have gadgets in the other layout (for example, Handheld), you may observe unusual behaviors when you switch to the other layout.
OPC UA tags with Number type are selectable in Build mode, but report type error in View mode
Knowledge Base - KB90399 - Published:
In groov View, after successfully assigning an OPC UA tag of type Number to a gadget in Build mode, when you switch to View mode, that gadget displays a yellow triangle and a message that types do not match.
Page access permissions reset to All Users
Knowledge Base - KB90330 - Published:
If your groov View project has any pages that limit permissions (for example, only for Kiosk users), after groov View is restarted, those pages should keep their permissions. However, with this issue...more
Some users can't see video from video gadgets with proxy option
Knowledge Base - KB90289 - Published:
Users with the limited permission levels may not be able to view video from a video gadget with the proxy option enabled, even though they have permission to access the page containing that video gadget.
32-bit integers that represent boolean values aren't presented as booleans
Knowledge Base - KB90400 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you define a 32-bit integer to represent a boolean value, the tag that the Data Service creates should be defined as boolean. With this issue, the tag is defined as a 32-bit integer.
MQTT/Data Service may not issue Death Certificate when MQTT service restarted
Knowledge Base - KB90390 - Published:
When a groov EPIC or groov RIO restarts MQTT/Data Service, they should issue a Death Certificate to indicate that subsequent tag data is stale. However, with this issue, groov EPIC and groov RIO do not issue the Death Certificate.
Some tag properties for groov EPIC/groov RIO with Sparkplug B payloads are missing/incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB90386 - Published:
When you are browsing for tags (through an MQTT tag browser) on a groov EPIC or groov RIO configured with Sparkplug B payloads, you may observe that the properties for some tags are missing or incorrect.