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Groov RIO in the flesh
Forum - Published:
I have a working unit on my desk, so feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. image.jpg700×1081 225 KB You can read about it in our blog post here;
Announcing the new groov RIO
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We are excited to announce the release of the groov RIO. image.jpg605×614 105 KB You can read about it in our blog post here;
Press Release: Opto 22 Announces groov RIO
Documents - 2335 - Published:
Opto 22 announces groov RIO®, a family of intelligent, distributed input/output (I/O) for industrial internet of things (IIoT) and automation applications. groov RIO represents a first-in...more
Press Release: Another win for Opto 22’s groov EPIC
Documents - 2334 - Published:
Opto 22 is proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, groov EPIC® has been selected as a winner in Control Engineering’s Engineers’ Choice Awards. The opportunity to...more
Can't upload strategy
Forum - Published:
I am finally getting around to porting my snap-pac system over to an EPIC controller. Just to get my feet wet, I am trying a single simple chart that was imported from Pac Control 9.6. Everything...more
InfluxDB/Grafana on EPIC?
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I was wondering if anyone has tried or succeeded in installing Influxdb or Grafana locally on the EPIC. I have some time series process data that I would like to record and visualize using these tools. I...more
How to remotely access EPIC from different network
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How can I access groov EPIC from different network to configure and upgrade firmware? Does it need to use dedicated server or VPN? Does it need to use IP address or hostname of the EPIC to access it...more
Referencing a pointer to a communication handle in a pointer table
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I am trying to use a pointer to a communication handle that is in a pointer array. This OptoScript code compiles: p2pSocketPtr = p2pSocketPtrs[p2pPmIdx]; p2pIoChannelStatus...more
Groov Read & Write nodes on a Raspberry Pi?
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We have Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi that sits on our network. Elsewhere on our network, we have groov EPIC units running a PAC Control strategy. On the Pi, we would like to use the groov Read ...more
Sending a String from Node-Red to a table string in the controller
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I am trying to send information to the controller using node-red from a postman put command. It works fine if all the values are integers in the ProductId string but as soon as I add a character I get...more
GRV-CCANI-2 Module Firmware
Downloads - Published:
This download contains current firmware for the GRV-CCANI-2 module. For a list of bug fixes and enhancements included in this firmware, see the groov I/O Modules Firmware readme ...more
PAC R1 controller with Omron nb5q-tw00b
Forum - Published:
My client has a problem. Can PAC R1 controller communicate with Omron nb5q-tw00b touch screen? the liquid level and the start and stop of the control pump are displayed on the touch screen. Thank you!...
HMI error messages "No String Resource"
Forum - Published:
Hello everyone, Im reaching out to see if I could get some guidance on a couple errors that we are recieving once we run a particular strategy. The first error is “No String Resource Found for ID -1...more
Missed Events With Polling /api/v1/io
Forum - Published:
We are using the new IO nodes for Node-Red, and are concerned about polling performance with a loaded EPIC controller. The concern is with input nodes. Each channel starts a 1 second poll using /api/v1...more
PAC Display displaying wrong tag values after firmware update
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Has anyone else experienced this? I updated the firmware on an S2 to 10.0h which went well. Now in PAC Display 10.2 the tag values for IO points do not show the correct values - it’s like they are...more
Parse space delimited string
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Hello, I am using PAC control for my project, I have a serial device, that returns a Space delimited string, with multiple variables, I dont want to use the unpack String, or Get Substring commands...more
Multiple Charts Running and I/O Configuration
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This information might be very clear somewhere on the manual, I am new to Opto22 products and PAC control, I hope I can get some clarification here: I have a PAC control project running 5 Charts, in...more
Display values in groov View with commas
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Is there a way to display values in groov View with commas, e.g. instead of 1921, display 1,921. I have tried various formats in the groov View box for this value gadget (and the formatting help does...more