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PAC Display Runtime crashes when quickly clicking on different buttons
Knowledge Base - KB88739 - Published:
If your PAC Display project has a page with several buttons configured with pop-up windows, quickly clicking on those buttons causes Runtime to crash, displaying a message that it needs to terminate.
PAC Control Engine becomes disabled when VPN is enabled
Knowledge Base - KB88700 - Published:
With PAC Control Engine running a control strategy on an EPIC PR1, enabling the VPN will cause it to stop responding. Disabling the VPN is the only way to get the PAC Control Engine running again.
Can't open groov View, groov Manage, or groov Admin from Chrome browser on macOS or iOS
Knowledge Base - KB88673 - Published:
When you use the Chrome browser on macOS 10.15 (or newer) or iOS 13 (or newer) to access groov Manage, groov View or groov Admin configured with a self-signed certificate, you receive the "Your...more
Sparkplug: Some tags not showing fresh/valid values
Knowledge Base - KB88662 - Published:
When Ignition receives a NaN (Not a Number) for a tag that represents a float value, it displays only the last known good value published and indicates that the tag quality as good, which is not correct.
CODESYS: "Opening Ethernet Adapter Failed" Error with CODESYS PROFINET Controller SL
Knowledge Base - KB88649 - Published:
In CODESYS Development System, after you download your application, the log contains an "Opening Ethernet Adapter Failed" error and the application can not communicate with Profinet I/O.
Connection or communication errors with Data Simulator and System Devices
Knowledge Base - KB88679 - Published:
In groov View, your project accesses gadgets configured with both Data Simulator and System tags at the same time (normally because they are on the same page), your project may fail to communicate or connect to either or both.
Gadgets show "could not connect to the controller" message
Knowledge Base - KB88663 - Published:
If your groov View project has an I/O Unit device and contains gadgets configured to access a memory map address that is not 4-byte aligned, after groov View tries to access that address, it displays...more
Momentary button doesn't write Release Value to tag
Knowledge Base - KB88580 - Published:
In groov View, when you release a Momentary button, it writes a value (Release Value) that differs from when it was pressed (Press Value). However, if you navigate away from the current page, the Release Value is not written to the tag.