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OBSOLETE  - groov Edge Appliance

Production Specification

*** NOTE:  This product will become obsolete once stock is depleted.***
For new industrial internet of things (IIoT) projects that do not require local I/O, we recommend a groov EPIC processor (GRV-EPIC-PR1 or GRV-EPIC-PR2) on a chassis zero (GRV-EPIC-CHS0, with no I/O slots).

groov EPIC has a larger form factor and is more expensive, but it offers more RAM, more recent versions of Node-RED and Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation, an integral color touchscreen, and secure shell access. In addition, groov EPIC future-proofs your IIoT project with the ability to add I/O, real-time control, and full Ignition.  Compare groov products.

IMPORTANT: groov View 4.4 will be the last major release to support GROOV-AR1 products. It is also the last release to support:

  • Internet Explorer for creating HMIs in Build mode (You will still be able to view HMIs with Internet Explorer.)
  • Microsoft Edge prior to version 79 in Build Mode (You will still be able to view HMIs with Edge versions lower than 79.)

The groov Edge Appliance (groov Box) is an internet of things (IoT) and operator interface appliance that provides visualization, data handling, and connectivity to automation systems, software, databases, and devices of all kinds.

Visualization: With browser-based groov View, easily build an operator interface to see and interact with data from sensors and automation systems, cloud applications, databases, web services, and more. Securely view the interface you build on any brand device, from a smartphone to a computer to a web-enabled big-screen TV. groov View includes user authorization, trending, events, and notifications.

Data Handling: The key to IoT usefulness is getting the data out of where it’s trapped and into the systems and software where it’s needed. Built into the groov Box are Node-RED, an IoT rapid application development environment, and RESTful APIs to groov Data Stores. Add a GROOV-LIC-EDGE license to use Ignition Edge® with OPC-UA drivers to Allen-Bradley® and Siemens® PLCs, plus MQTT/Sparkplug for efficient and secure industrial data communications.

Connectivity: Connect to all kinds of devices and systems to monitor and control them and move data between them:

  • Modbus®/TCP devices and Opto 22 groov EPIC and SNAP PAC controllers
  • Cloud applications, IoT platforms, on-premises databases, and external web services
  • (Requires GROOV-LIC-EDGE) Connect to Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs using OPC UA. Use the MQTT transport protocol with Sparkplug payload to publish and subscribe data from devices connected to the groov Box.

A self-contained, industrially hardened appliance, the groov Box includes two independent 1-GB Ethernet interfaces and USB expansion for wireless LAN interfaces. The Box has a solid-state fanless design with no moving parts, a wide 0-70 °C (32-158 °F) operating temperature range, and a compact footprint.

What’s in the Box

The groov Box edge appliance includes:

  • groov View for building and using your own custom operator interface to the sensors, data, devices, and systems you need to see, monitor, and control.
  • Node-RED, an open-source, multi-platform software tool for wiring together databases, cloud applications, and APIs to produce IoT applications quickly and inexpensively. Learn more about Node-RED.
  • Ignition Edge, a product of Inductive Automation®, providing an internal OPC-UA server and drivers plus an MQTT Transmission module with Sparkplug payload. More about OPC and MQTT in IoT applications.
  • groov Admin for configuring networks and security, backing up and restoring projects, using Node-RED, configuring Ignition Edge, updating groov View software, and viewing system status.

With these IoT tools in the same box, your IoT application is easier to configure and security is streamlined.

Price includes groov Box and power supply, all groov software, and one year of updates. Maintenance renewal for successive years is free and required to obtain updates after the first year. Product Support is free.

Note: To download the latest software for your groov Box, log into your My.Opto22 account

Ethernet Communication (wired)

Two independent 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45 connectors, each with a separate IP address (separate subnets). Supports Auto MDI-X (crossover cable not needed). 

Ethernet Comm (wireless)

802.11 b/g/n (optional; requires purchase of a third-party commercial USB WiFi adapter that has been tested and approved by Opto 22)

Security (wireless)

WPA PSK (also known as WPA Personal)
WPA2 PSK (also known as WPA2 Personal)

Backup battery

BR2032 button cell lithium battery with a nominal voltage of 2.8 volts. Lasts 8 years at 25 °C. This battery maintains the date and time.

Power Consumption

8-36 VDC, 24 VDC @ 500mA (Power supply included; input 100-240 VAC. Use international adapter if needed.)


Compact and sturdy metal. Fanless operation.


USB 2.0 (three: used for backing up, restoring, WiFi, and connecting to serial devices via a USB-to-serial converter with an FTDI chipset)


Ethernet interfaces (2): Link/Activity and Speed
System: SYS & PWR

Operating Temperature

0 to 70 °C (32 to 158° F)

Storage Temperature

-20 to +80 °C (-4 to 176° F)

Operating Humidity

10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Agency Approvals



30 months

Node-RED for groov Box Readme Notes

Latest Readme for the open-source software Node-RED for the GROOV-AR1 groov Box.

This Readme provides information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to

groov View Release Notes

This document provides information about new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov View updates, go to

Note: This document was formerly called a readme. The name was changed to more accurately describe its content.

groov Admin Readme Notes

Latest Readme for groov Admin. Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to

groov Box User's Guide

This user's guide shows you how to set up and configure a legacy GROOV-AR1-BASE groov Box Edge Appliance and to work with the software in the Box, including:

  • groov View for building and using operator interfaces
  • Node-RED for building simple logic flows for internet of things applications
  • Ignition Edge internal OPC-UA server and drivers, plus MQTT Transmission protocol (for full use, requires GROOV-LIC-EDGE)

groov Quick Start Guide for GROOV-AR1

Opto 22's groov Edge Appliance (groov Box) gives you visualization, data handling, and connectivity, all in one compact industrial box.

This Quick Start guide for the GROOV-AR1 groov Box shows you how to set up the Box, build and view a simple operator interface, and start using Internet of Things (IoT) tools including Node-RED, OPC-UA drivers, and MQTT for efficient data communication.

groov View User's Guide

This user's guide shows you how to set up, configure, and use groov View to easily build an operator interface to monitor, control, and view data from your automation systems, equipment, databases, and software.

The web-based operator interface you build can be securely viewed by authorized users on any brand computer or mobile device.

groov View software is built into the following part numbers:
GROOV-AR1-BASE (legacy product)

UKCA Declaration of Conformity (EMC, LVD, RoHS)

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity for the products listed herein, in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards of the United Kingdom. The models cited have been tested to the essential requirements listed in the Standards section, and fully comply with the legislation as listed in UK Legislation section.

Case Study: Alta Forest Products grows new HMI

View in HTML

When the world’s largest producer of fence boards invested heavily in redesigning the handling and processing systems at its four sawmills, scattered across two states, management soon realized the need for visibility into operations and system data. Supervisory personnel wanted a broad overview of each facility plus the ability to see critical KPIs (key performance indicators) for each machine center. 

Read the case study to see how Alta Forest Products met this challenge and improved efficiency at all locations.
Learn more about groov View.

Declaration of Conformity (EMC, LVD, RoHS)

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity for the products listed herein, in accordance with European, international, and/or national standards and regulations.

Publishing A-B PLC Tags to MQTT with groov Box

This technical note shows you how to publish tag data from your Allen-Bradley® PLCs using the Ignition® Edge MQTT Transmission module in a groov Edge Appliance (groov Box). 

What You'll Need

  • The IP address or domain name of a computer running an MQTT broker.
  • A GROOV-AR1 Box with groov Admin (v1.570.47 or higher), and already configured with Ignition Edge and its internal OPC-UA server. 
  • Any of the following Allen-Bradley PLCs, accessible to the groov Box via Ethernet:
    • Logix: ControlLogix® and CompactLogix® with firmware v21 and higher
    • ControlLogix with firmware v20 and lower
    • CompactLogix with firmware v20 and lower
    • SLC™ 5/05
    • PLC-5®
    • MicroLogix™ 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500
For help setting up Ignition Edge in the groov Box, see our Ignition Workshop videos or the groov Box User's Guide (form 2104). 

Press Release: Opto 22 enhances groov with OPC-UA drivers, MQTT

Opto 22 enhances groov® Industrial Edge Appliance with OPC-UA drivers for Allen-Bradley® and Siemens® PLCs, plus MQTT.

These new additions position groov as a complete edge appliance for industrial automation and Internet of Things applications.

Subscribe and Publish with MQTT Nodes, groov View, & SNAP PAC

This OptoTutorial shows how to:

  • Use Node-RED to subscribe and publish to an MQTT message stream
  • Parse message strings
  • Display data from a message in groov View
  • Push data from groov View and from a SNAP PAC controller to a message stream
Note: The tutorial uses a groov Box (part number GROOV-AR1-BASE) as an example. The groov Box is a legacy product not recommended for new applications, but it is still available and supported. 

What you need

Press Release: Opto 22 Announces IoT Certified Partners

Opto 22’s IoT Certified System Integrators combine domain expertise in both Operational Technology and Information Technology, to help organizations more easily deploy industrial Internet of Things applications.

Case Study: Amalgamated Research, LLC

As the research and development department of Amalgamated Sugar in the 1970s, ARi began with a mission to develop efficient processes to extract sugar from sugar beets.

But over time, their continuous research in the industrial separation field has led them far beyond sugar.

Press Release: Opto 22 adds advanced trending capabilities to the groov mobile operator interface solution

Updated groov R3.4 software includes support for trending up to 5 years of data and can be viewed from almost any mobile device or PC’s web browser

Press Release: Opto 22 Joins The Linux Foundation

Opto 22 fortifies its commitment to open-source technology by joining The Linux Foundation.

Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 champions open-source technology by joining The Linux Foundation® to participate, collaborate, and sustain the code and developer communities that are critical to modern business, technology, and society.

Press Release: Opto 22 Joins The Linux Foundation

Opto 22 fortifies its commitment to open-source technology by joining The Linux Foundation

Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 champions open-source technology by joining The Linux Foundation® to participate, collaborate, and sustain the code and developer communities that are critical to modern business, technology, and society.

Opto 22 announces strategic partnership with IBM and acceptance into the IBM Watson IoT partner ecosystem

Opto 22 announces strategic partnership with IBM and acceptance into the IBM Watson IoT partner ecosystem, providing developers a full stack end-to-end toolset for rapidly developing and deploying industrial IoT applications.

This partnershiip will bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of mobile, cloud, and information technology.

Watch this video and see how to get started. 


2017 White Paper: State of the IIoT, 2017

The next industrial revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is happening now. This white paper summarizes the key IIoT trends from 2016, with predictions and recommendations for 2017 on:

- IIoT challenges still to be met
- Standards and architectures that work well for the IIoT
- Platforms to watch; their strengths and weaknesses

Opto 22 agrega Node-RED al dispositivo de automatizacion industrial de groov para el desarrollo rapido de aplicaciones IIoT

Opto 22 agrega Node-RED al dispositivo de automatización industrial de groov para el desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones IIoT

Opto 22 announces Node-RED on groov IIoT application development appliance at IoT Solutions World Congress

Opto 22 announces Node-RED on groov IIoT application development appliance at IoT Solutions World Congress. See groov bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of cloud computing and information technology in Hall 1 Stand F725; Node-RED software development environment now included in the industrial HMI/dashboard/data logging groov® Box

Case Study: Natural Fruit Corporation

View in HTML

Natural Fruit Corporation wanted a better way to remotely monitor and control their refrigeration systems and eliminate the need to physically be on site to verify that systems are operating as expected. A combination of a SNAP-PAC-R2 rack-mounted controller and groov View turned out to be the solution.

Case Study: Toyo Tanso USA

Toyo Tanso USA manufactures a fine grade of graphite called isotropic graphite, and the company also provides graphite-related silicon carbide surface treatments to customers.

The batch automation process systems used to perform these surface treatments are in a busy, tough industrial setting. The multiple vessels involved in the process each require different specializations and careful management.

To control the vessels, Toyo Tanso needed a rugged control system with plenty of I/O options—and one that could be easily programmed and deployed.

Case Study: Suzhou BSE Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Magnetic-levitation compressors and Opto 22 controls deliver energy-efficient, reliable, compact central air conditioning systems in this case study of HVAC manufacturer BSE.

Opto 22 Expands groov with New Graphics Capabilities and OEM Customization

Press release for groov 3.1 - Opto 22 Expands groov with New Graphics Capabilities and OEM Customization.

Application Brief: Plummer's Environmental Services

View in HTML 

Industrial services company Plummer's Environmental Services collects, treats, and disposes of thousands of gallons of liquid waste. Opto 22 SNAP PAC and groov products help make it happen.

Opto 22 Adds Event Notifications and Lower-cost Options to groov

Press Release groov: Opto 22 Adds Event Notifications and Lower-cost Options to groov.

Case Study: Pioneer Energy

Watch the Pioneer Energy case study video.

What's in North Dakota that's as bright as the city of Chicago in the nighttime sky? It's flare gas from oil fields, a waste stream going up in smoke.

Pioneer Energy is changing that waste into resources, with their Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS). Mounted on a trailer, the complete system can be trucked to a well site, installed in 24 hours, and remotely monitored.

This case study explains how the system processes flare gas and how it is controlled and monitored.

Case Study: SCADA Solutions

View in HTML

Thirty-year-old wind turbines enter the 21st Century with a new energy management system from California-based integrator SCADA Solutions.

Watch the SCADA Solutions Case Study video for more information.

groov View Maintenance Technical Note

What is groov View maintenance, what happens when it expires, and how do you renew it? This technical note answers all your questions about groov View maintenance.

This document applies to groov Server for Windows (GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE) and the groov Box (GROOV-AR1-BASE and older versions). It does not apply to groov EPIC, which includes groov View maintenance.

Opto 22 Mobile Apps for Automation

** NOTE: The Opto iPAC app is no longer available on the Apple Store. This document remains on our website for customers who already have the app and need assistance with it. You may also want to check out the 2027 groov View User's Guide for another option.**

Opto 22 offers two types of mobile apps for use in automation:

  • Diagnostic and commissioning apps for Opto 22 SNAP I/O and SNAP PAC Systems: Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC.
  • Monitoring and controlling apps for almost any automation system or equipment from any manufacturer: groov View for iOS and groov View for Android.

This technical note compares these two types of apps and describes the best ways to use each.

Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices in Industrial Automation

"Russian Roulette" or the "New Normal"?

Automation engineers heatedly debate the pros and cons of using standard COTS smartphones and tablets in industrial settings. Meanwhile, industry analysts like Gartner and ARC Advisory Group forecast tremendous growth in BYOD (bring your own device) usage.

Are there reasons to use off-the-shelf mobile devices in industrial automation? What are the advantages and disadvantages, and what do you need to think about before moving ahead? This white paper discusses environmental, safety, security, connectivity, and other factors to consider and includes specific advice for choosing device types suited to your industrial application.

Communication Tools & Protocols for Opto 22 Products Technical Note

This technical note describes the networking tools and protocols that are compatible with Opto 22 products for communication with a wide variety of software and systems.

Opto 22 RoHS 3 Statement of Compliance - Restriction of Hazardous Substances

This document is a statement of compliance with the EU Directive 2015/863/EU, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 3). This document lists Opto 22 products that comply with the substance restrictions of the RoHS 3 directive.

CE Declaration: EMC

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration for the listed products as mentioned in the attachment - to which this confirmation refers - that they are in accordance with the mentioned European, international and/or national standards and regulations.

CE Declaration: Low Voltage

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration for the listed products as mentioned in the attachment - to which this confirmation refers - that they are in accordance with the mentioned European, international and/or national standards and regulations.

CAD 3D Drawing: GROOV-AR1 groov Box

This CAD file includes drawings for the GROOV-AR1 groov Box, a legacy product.

These drawings apply to GROOV-AR1-BASE and GROOV-AR1-SNAP.

groov Demo

A fully-configured groov project demonstrating how to build and use both simple and complex gadgets.

In the demo you’ll see how to:
• Show the value from a temperature sensor in the submersible James Cameron used to explore the bottom of the Marianas Trench
• Control a tank level and an auger in a brewery
• Trend electrical demand data for a wind farm

We’ll also look at some more complex capabilities, like these:
• Show a rotating graphic in your interface, like a compass
• Show machinery states with animated GIFs, like the turbines at the wind farm
• Indicate changes with multiple images, like the fermenter’s tank level in the brewery

groov Find

groov Find is an optional utility program you can use on a Microsoft Windows computer to locate groov RIO units, groov EPIC processors, and groov Boxes on your network. Using groov Find, you can see these products' IP addresses and access them through a web browser.

NOTE: If you are using a Mac, groov Find is available for free in the App Store.

If you can't access your groov RIO, groov EPIC, or groov Box with a web browser, your network may not provide DHCP and DNS services. groov Find can help you locate your groov product, connect to it, and assign it a fixed IP address if necessary.

For more information, see the groov RIO User's Guide (form 2324), the groov EPIC User's Guide (form 2267), or the groov View User's Guide (form 2027).

PEXMode File

Port expander mode (PEXMode) file. Modify and load this QuickServer configuration file to connect your Modbus RTU device to a groov Box or Server, so you can monitor and control data on the Modbus RTU device.

This file is explained in the groov Your Modbus RTU Device video.

Learn more about groov.

Sharing groov Data with Microsoft Access

This download illustrates how to use the groov RESTful API with Microsoft® Access® and Visual Basic for Applications® (VBA). Before you download, read the Legal Agreement

It includes a sample Access database you can use to securely share data between a groov Data Store and Access.

Instructions are provided to show how to use the sample and its underlying code to create your own custom applications with groov and Access.

Video: Node-RED on groov for the IIoT

With Node-RED on the groov Box, you can connect physical devices like sensors and equipment to software applications and cloud-based services, without programming. This video walks you through connecting a temperature gauge and a wind turbine model to cloud services.

Video: The Internet of Things (in 30 seconds)

Meet the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the groov Box from Opto 22.

Video: Configure Gateway Device with Node-RED on groov

An overview of how to configure a gateway device in IBM Watson IoT platform using Node-RED on groov.

Video: What Is the Internet of Things?

A TEDx presentation of how the Internet of Things is connecting things (phones, homes, people, systems)and changing our lives and world.

Video: Updating groov App for groov Box

If you have a groov Box, you’ll want to update your groov to get the latest new features. Learn how to check your groov App version, see what newer versions are available on, back up your current project, and install the update.

Video: Updating groov Admin for your groov Box

If you have a groov Box, you know that groov Admin is the software that lets you administer the Box itself. Updates to groov Admin are always important for security and new features. In this video Opto 22 Director of Training Mary St. John walks you updating groov Admin. You’ll see the newest version on, compare it to your current version, back up your groov project, and install the update. 

Video: Getting graphics from the SVG Library

Learn how to use the SVG graphics from groov to make your own custom graphics for your groov project.

Playlist: Internet of Things (IoT)

Learn about the the Internet of Things (IoT) in this Opto 22 Playlist.

Video: Intro to Node-RED: Part 1 - Fundamentals

Node-RED is an incredibly and flexible tool, an open source visual editor that's gaining support in the growing world of IoT. Learn the fundamentals of Node-RED and how to build a simple project or flow to help you get started.

Video: Intro to Node-RED: Part 2 - Best Practices

Learn key best practices for Node-RED flow such as how to regularly backup your flows, maximize Node-RED features and debug your programs to ensure repeatable results and maintenance.

Video: Intro to Node-RED: Part 3 - Advanced Nodes

Learn about advanced functions nodes like access persistent variables, the JavaScript object notation (JSON) format and some other nodes like 'link' and 'exec' to help you be well-equipped to build clean, powerful and sophisticated Node-RED applications.

Video: Node-RED: Send Email Notifications

Learn how to use Node-RED set up email notifications of important alerts of your equipment's digital or analog SNAP-PAC system events.

Video: Node-RED Admin on groov

Learn how to use the amazing security and monitoring features of node-RED Admin on groov.

Video: Node-RED: Get Data from PAC to MS SQL

Learn how to get physical sensor and program data from a SNAP PAC controller and log it to a sequel database using Node-RED running on a groov AR1.

Video: Node-RED: Connect API to PAC Controller

With the Internet of Things, developers have API's to restfully access all kinds of data sources (databases, cloud analytics, etc.) and all the different endpoints can be connected easily with Node-RED so all this cloud data is more accessible than ever. In this workshop, we use Node-RED weather to request data from the Weather Underground API then parse, format and send it to a SNAP PAC controller as an example of how to connect your physical I/O control systems to real live cloud data.

Video: Activate Ignition Edge on your groov

Learn how to set up Ignition Edge for the first time on your groov box, this will give many more options for connecting to popular PLCs and allow you to transmit data using the pub/sub architecture of the MQTT protocol.

Video: Configure Ignition Edge's OPC-UA Server in groov

Learn how to configure your Ignition Edge OPC-UA server for use with groov and how to display Allen-Bradley PLC data in groov view.

Video: Publish AB PLC Tags Via MQTT & Sparkplug

Learn how to configure the Ignition Edge software on your groov box to publish Allen-Bradley PLC tags to an MQTT broker using the Sparkplug specification supported by Inductive Automation's Ignition platform.

SVG Image Library

Select, modify, and download an image from our free library containing images for manufacturing, processing, HVAC, flow, transportation, and many other images.