Expand your Allen-Bradley® PLC System

Reliable, inexpensive SNAP I/O™ from Opto 22 expands your A-B PLC system. Most I/O modules are guaranteed for life

Expanding A-B systems with intelligent I/OExpanding Allen-Bradley Systems with Intelligent Remote I/O

You know A-B industrial PLC systems. You appreciate their strengths, but you also know that system expansion—either into new physical space or new functionality—can strain system performance.  Read more...

Adding process control to a PLC-Based system
Adding Process Control to a PLC-Based System

Adding a lot of analog points—for temperatures, pressures, variable pumps, and so on—to an industrial PLC-based system can cause problems. Are there new choices in adding process control capabilities?  Read more...

Watch step-by-step videos

Opto 22's Alexi Beck Gray shows you how to set up SNAP I/O with an A-B system that uses RSLogix™. Configure I/O, create assemblies, and exchange data. Watch Opto 22 I/O for Allen-Bradley videos.

Watch IO4AB videos


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