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  • ​Over 45 years' experience in every SSR
  • 4,000 volts of optical isolation
  • UL and CSA recognized
  • Individually tested—twice
  • Guaranteed for life!

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The data sheet includes part numbers and lots of information for choosing and using SSRs:

  • Tips for heater loads, single-phase, and 3-phase motor control
  • Sizing information and maximum current, including de-rating curves
  • Heatsink requirements
  • Mechanical relays vs. SSRs
  • Resistors for limiting control current and required for inductive loads, like solenoid control
  • SSRs in series for higher-voltage applications
  • Zero-crossing turn-on circuit
  • Testing for SSRs
  • Troubleshooting FAQ

Product Details

Power Series SSRs offer a wide variety of voltage (110-575 volts) and current options (3-45 amps).
  • AC series have a built-in snubber and zero-voltage turn-on; transient-proof models are available.

  • DC series offer isolated DC control and are RoHS compliant. Models with LEDs are now available.​

Z Series SSRs are low-cost, 10 amp SSRs with tool-free quick-connect terminals.


MP Series
Printed Circuit Series SSRs mount on circuit boards and control up to 4 amps.
Heat Sink Series SSRs make installation easier with an integral heatsink.


Cross-Reference Product List

Guaranteed-for-life Opto 22 SSRs can be substituted in many cases for other manufacturers' SSRs. 
The following list shows SSR part number matches and notes differences with other manufacturers' parts.

Opto 22 Crydom Crouzet (Crydom) Notes
120A10 A1210 --  
120A25 A1225 --  
240A10 A2410 84134001  
240A25 A2425 84134011  
240A45 A2450 84134021 Opto 22 rated at 45 A.
120D3 -- -- No cross
120D10 D1210 --  
120D25 D1225 --  
120D45 D1240 -- Opto 22 rated at 45 A.
240D3 -- -- No cross
240D10 D2410 84134000  
240Di10 D2410 84134000 Opto 22 has LED indicator.
240D25 D2425 84134010  
240Di25 D2425 84134010 Opto 22 has LED indicator.
240D30-HS D2425 -- Opto 22 has integrated heatsink and is rated at 30 A.
240D45 D2450 84134020 Opto 22 rated at 45 A.
240Di45 D2450 84134020 Opto 22 has LED indicator and is rated at 45 A.
380D25 -- -- No cross
380D45 -- -- No cross
480D10-12 HD4812 --  
480D15-12 -- --  
480D25-12 HD4825 --  
480D25-HS HD4825 -- Opto 22 has integrated heatsink.
480D45-12 HD4850 -- Opto 22 rated at 45 A.
575D15-12 -- 84134100 Opto 22 operating voltage 100-600 VAC, rated at 15 A.
575D45-12 HD6025 84134120 Opto 22 operating voltage 100-600 VAC, rated at 45 A.
575D30-HS HD6025 84134110 Opto 22 has integrated heatsink, operating voltage 100-600 VAC, rated at 30 A.
575Di45-12 HD6050 -- Opto 22 has LED indicator, operating voltage 100-600 VAC, rated at 45 A.
MP120D2 -- -- No cross
MP120D4 MP120D3 GA8-6B02  
MP240D2 -- GA8-6B02  
MP240D4 MP240D3 GA8-6B02  
MP380D4 MCX380D5 -- Opto 22 rated at 4 A.
P120D2 -- GA1-6B02  
P120D4 -- GA1-6B02  
P240D2 -- GA1-6B02  
P240D4 -- GA1-6B02  
Z120D10 EZ240D12 -- Opto 22 rated at 10 A.
Z240D10 EZ240D12 -- Opto 22 rated at 10 A.
DC60P -- -- No cross
DC200P -- -- No cross
DC200MP MODC5A --  
DC60S3 DC60S3 -- Opto 22 rated at 3 A.
DC60S5 DC60S5 84134750 Opto 22 rated at 5 A.

NOTE: Although this information is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of July 2017, Opto 22 accepts no liability for the completeness or accuracy of the information nor for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Please let us know if you find inaccuracies.​