Where can power & energy data go?

So you're ready to monitor power and energy usage. Where do you want to send the data, and how do you get it there?

Because groov products come with built-in software and can talk both IT and OT protocols, moving data where you need it is easier than you expect. Here are all the ways you can use the data you collect with groov products.

Take a closer look at the data communication options provided in groov RIO EMU and groov EPIC with power monitoring I/O modules. 


groov RIO EMU energy monitoring unit

As a standalone unit, groov RIO EMU is wired directly to an electrical load and sends 64 channels of measured and calculated data to on-premises and cloud-based software and services using:

  • Node-RED for simple logic flows (and a simple HMI) based on pre-built code blocks
  • MQTT for efficient data communications using Sparkplug or string payloads (included in groov Manage)
  • Modbus/TCP for communication with OT software and devices
  • Optional real-time control programming with CODESYS
  • RESTful API and optional secure shell access
groov RIO EMU can also be used as remote I/O with a groov EPIC system, providing edge data to EPIC.

See groov RIO EMU (part number GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3).

groov RIO EMU is part of the groov RIO edge I/O family. With UL hazardous locations approval and ATEX compliance, plus power over Ethernet (PoE) and other installation options, groov RIO is your best tool for getting data from the edge.

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groov EPIC system with power-monitoring modules

groov EPIC is an edge programmable industrial controller with I/O modules mounted on the same chassis. Software available in EPIC includes:

For industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications, groov EPIC has the features, power, and flexibility you need.  

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