groov Products: Cybersecurity


groov EPICWhen you’re gathering, processing, and sharing operational data from industrial equipment on premises or located remotely, cybersecurity is a big worry. Your systems and equipment—and the data in them—are essential and sensitive, and you need industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices and software that protect them.

For all digital systems, security is a complex issue with different implications depending on your organization and your system. Security requirements constantly change as your system evolves, and building security into your system design is key.

groov RIOSecurity experts recognize several elements of system security, including physical security, policies and procedures, and network security.

groov products help you address network security requirements.

Of course the ultimate security of your system depends on you, but groov products are here to help. Using groov product security features can help you comply with security guidelines as outlined in the ISA/IEC 62443 specification.


“Security is a process, not a product.”

- Bruce Schneier


To address security’s complex, changing nature, you need to understand security risks, understand your environment, and understand the security tools you have to work with.

Opto 22’s groov products were designed from the ground up to help you build a secure extended system. 


Read the technical note: groov EPIC Security Design and Best Practices (pdf)

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Security tools in groov products 



All groov products use the same security protocol layer your bank does. You’ll see the https when you log in. Read more about encryption.


You control access to software in all groov products through user accounts with usernames & passwords. Read about authentication and user accounts.  

Separate Systems

Independent network ports in groov EPIC isolate trusted and untrusted networks into separate zones. More on dual network interfaces.

Tux: Linux OS

groov EPIC and groov RIO have a Linux operating system (OS) with a cryptographically signed custom build of the OS. More about the Linux OS.


Device Firewall

groov EPIC processors and groov RIO edge I/O give you configurable device firewalls in each unit. Read more about firewalls.

Security Certificates

Install self-signed or Certificate Authority certificates in groov EPIC and groov RIO. More information on certificates.

VPN Client

Use the VPN client in groov EPIC and groov RIO to securely access the device for configuration, troubleshooting, and HMI. Read more about VPNs.

Learn more in the technical note: groov EPIC Security Design and Best Practices (pdf)

MQTT Communications

MQTT data communications simplify security by using device-originated communications via a central broker. Learn how MQTT simplifies security.

Watch the Video: What is an MQTT Broker?
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