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MAC Engineering & Automation

4200 Research Forest Drive #240
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Phone: 713-360-8878
Add'l Phone: 281-698-5499


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Middle East

Signature Projects

  • Repsol: Oil Field Pump Jack Well Monitoring and Control
  • Serta Simmons: Bedding Factory Machine Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Control and Analytics

Partner Overview

MAC is a dynamic and innovative multidiscipline engineering company located in both The Woodlands, Texas as well as Calgary, Alberta, that is driven by a team of passionate individuals. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and success, we strive to deliver exceptional services that consistently exceed the high standards set by us and our clients.

At MAC, we boast a highly skilled and experienced workforce with extensive knowledge in various industrial automation systems. As a leading player in the field of SCADA, automation, IIoT, edge computing, and analytics, we possess unrivaled expertise in these cutting-edge technologies. This expertise, coupled with our comprehensive understanding of control system philosophies, enables us to conceptualize, design, and implement top-notch control systems, communication systems, automation networks, and corporate interfaces for a wide range of applications

Whether it's developing advanced automation solutions, optimizing operational efficiency, or integrating complex control systems, MAC has the capabilities and know-how to deliver unparalleled results. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate, adapt, and provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring their success in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Applications Experience

  • Industrial Automation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data Acquisition
  • M2M/IIoT


  • Automation
  • IIoT
  • PLCs and DCS
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering
  • Integrated completions and commissioning
  • Edge computing
  • Cloud solutions
  • Asset management
  • Field services
  • Project management

Product Experience - Hardware

  • groov EPIC
  • groov RIO

Product Experience - Software

  • Ignition/Ignition Edge
  • IoT Platform
  • Linux SSH
  • Node-RED
  • PAC Project


  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Energy Management
  • Energy/Power Generation
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Instrumentation
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas Refining/Storage/Distribution
  • Other Process Control Markets
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Water/Wastewater