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StrataVu is a revolutionary industrial control software developed by Strata Innovative Solutions. StrataVu is designed to create robust industrial control solutions for traditional and non-traditional programmers – saving users time and money while avoiding the cumbersome task of editing logic.

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Integration with Opto 22

As a control programming option, StrataVu was developed explicitly for Opto 22’s groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller, the world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. StrataVu seamlessly integrates a modular, hierarchical programming method that leverages the groov EPIC's memory, control capability, and extensive IO selection. This unique collection of modules can be tailored to meet specific application needs.

When you choose StrataVu as your programming solution, other tools onboard groov EPIC, such as Ignition Edge®, Node-RED, groov View, and Secure Shell Access, are fully compatible.

This Opto 22 case study shows how StrataVu and groov EPIC secure a flexible future for Oil & Gas production.

What problems can it solve?

Laborious programming tasks. You can create powerful control configurations easily and quickly without using traditional PLC programming. Our platform uses modular-style features to make programming more dynamic and easily understood. We believe that engineering should be accessible to everyone – regardless of knowledge level or experience in the field. Don't let cumbersome programming stop you from creating innovative solutions faster than ever before with fewer steps in between.

Efficient Automation Setup. Imagine configuring complex automated processes in an intuitive, budget-friendly way. StrataVu's Cause & Effect Application is here to help. Based on the commonly used engineering diagram, this application gives you visibility into all possible outcomes of your configuration. We have engineered our application for maximum clarity with minimal effort required from you.

Bridge the gap between IT/OT and industrial control systems. StrataVu's advanced software lets you easily integrate and manage your industrial control systems. Through our reliable, cost-effective software, we can help you increase the efficiency of your enterprise performance and data management.

With StrataVu's expert software solution and professional support team, you can enjoy spending more time focusing on other parts of your business.
When you partner groov EPIC with StrataVu you have both the hardware and the automation software to gain the data you need and solve manufacturing problems.

Try StrataVu today and experience the future of well pad programming. To request a demo, contact:
Adrian Castillo
VP of Business Development
Strata Innovative Solutions

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