About Node-RED

Node-RED is an innovative visual programming tool to connect edge computing systems, such as industrial automation controllers, to web applications, databases, and cloud services.

Created by IBM Emerging Technologies, Node-RED is an open-source, cross-platform technology available on GitHub and is currently available for a variety of platforms, including OS X®, Microsoft Windows®, Linux®, and Raspberry Pi.

Built on the popular Node.js JavaScript runtime, Node-RED has a visual, browser-based, drag-and-drop interface, as well as a large Node-RED library containing over 500 prebuilt and ready-to deploy nodes. IIoT application developers can leverage this existing software code and deploy it directly into their applications.

For more information, please visit Node-RED.

Integration with Opto 22

Node-RED is integrated with the groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller and groov RIO Ethernet edge I/O, which means you do not have to download and install it on a computer or embedded device. You can just log into your groov EPIC or groov RIO and start using Node-RED immediately. This tight integration also means that some system-level functions, like backups, apply to your Node-RED projects.

Opto 22 also provides Node-RED nodes to obtain data from: 

  • PAC Control strategies running on a groov EPIC system
  • groov I/O modules mounted on a groov EPIC chassis, or groov RIO edge I/O modules—giving you I/O data directly, without needing access to a PAC Control strategy or other control program
  • Tags added to a groov View Data Store—a handy way to get information from a groov View HMI

The Opto 22 developer website provides a wealth of information about each of the Node-RED nodes, including tutorials, configuration information, and instructions with examples.

What problems can it solve?

Linking technology assets and services together to build IIoT applications is often time-consuming and costly. These applications typically require layers of complex software development and long development cycles, which quickly erode IIoT ROI. 

Using Node-RED with groov EPIC or groov RIO removes complexity and shrinks development time, so your IIoT projects can be built and implemented quickly, providing data where and when it's needed.

Whether you’re new to IIoT or experienced with these applications, you’ll find that the Node-RED development environment offers a gradual and easily approachable learning curve, requiring few to no programming skills.

Node-RED takes advantage of preprogrammed, reusable code blocks called nodes. These nodes make IIoT application development simpler, easier to repeat, and faster to scale. Node-RED lets you focus on identifying an opportunity and developing a solution, rather than building the components of an application from scratch.


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