groov RIO Models

Choose the groov RIO edge I/O modules you need for your application: universal I/O or energy monitoring.

groov RIO Universal Edge I/O ModuleUniversal I/O

Flexibility: That's the key word for groov RIO universal edge I/O. With 8 channels configurable for an amazing variety of field signals, either inputs or outputs, plus 2 mechanical relays, you can use these models for just about anything: 

  • Analog input sensing (V/mV/mA/Ohms)
  • Temperature input sensing (ICTD/TC/thermistor)
  • Simple discrete input sensing
  • Powered switch discrete input sensing
  • Analog output control (V/mA)
  • Discrete output control

Think about what this flexibility does for front-end engineering and spares management: just one part number to specify and one part number to stock.

Choose the original groov RIO MM1, or, if you'd like to run Ignition or Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation on your groov RIO, choose the RIO MM2 with expanded memory and Ignition Edge pre-installed. And with firmware R3.5 and higher, you can even run a control program on your groov RIO. Download the groov RIO Universal I/O brochure for more information.

Part number    Description
GRV-R7-MM1001-10    Universal I/O (groov RIO MM1): 8 multifunction channels, 2 Form C relays, no Ignition
GRV-R7-MM2001-10    Universal I/O (groov RIO MM2): 8 multifunction channels, 2 Form C relays, expanded memory, Ignition Edge 8 pre-installed

groov RIO Energy Monitoring I/OEnergy monitoring 

You can manage only what you can measure—and now you can easily measure power and energy usage in your facility overall and for each large load: furnaces, motors, air handlers, and more. Improve machine health and lower energy costs with 64 channels of energy data.

Place a groov RIO EMU energy monitoring unit close to the load and monitor three-phase, twin-, or single-phase loads up to 600 V, and either Delta or Wye.

With groov RIO's built-in software, you can send power and energy data wherever it needs to go: company databases, AI programs in the cloud, and much more. Energy costs, equipment performance and maintenance, a change in usage that predicts motor failure—this data will help keep your processes and systems running efficiently and profitably. 

You can even add a CODESYS license and run a control program on the groov RIO that you've built in any IEC-61131-3 compliant language. 

Learn more about power and energy monitoring with groov products.

Part number    Description
GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3    Energy monitoring edge I/O (groov RIO EMU): 3-phase energy monitoring, 18 power and energy channels per phase plus 10 accumulation channels

Download the groov RIO EMU brochure.

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