Meet groov RIO — I/O for the IIoT.

Watch this quick three-minute product overview and discover all the RIO possibilities. 


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In just 1 hour, Benson Hougland provides a live presentation and demonstration of Opto 22's new groov RIO, I/O for the IIoT.


Publishing I/O Data Directly to Ignition

This groov RIO presentation was recorded for the 2020 Ignition Community Conference. Opto 22's Benson Hougland gives you a step-by-step demo of the quickest and simplest method for publishing sensor and state data directly to Ignition.

Ignition Community Live with Grantek and Opto 22

Watch how to use Ignition software with the groov RIO edge I/O system. You'll learn how to improve processes, reduce maintenance costs, and obtain better data for business decisions.

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