groov EPIC Learning Center

The three-day groov EPIC System Premium Factory Training course takes you through EPIC training—training for an Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC). Classes are held at Opto 22 company headquarters in Temecula, California.

Just as the acronym describes, you will learn how to collect, process, view, and exchange data at the edge; explore programming options; and use industrially hardened equipment to control applications in real time.

Course tasks will take you through  configuring and programming hardware and software. You'll be able to apply what you learn to your industrial automation application and build solutions for the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Class size is a maximum of 12 students, so that each student receives individual attention. With each student at their own training station, everyone can program their own groov EPIC Learning Center.

Prerequisites: Students must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, but no prior Opto 22 knowledge is required.

Classes begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. each day, Tuesday through Thursday.

Breakfast snacks and full lunches are provided each day. Lunch is a perfect opportunity to meet some of our Opto 22 employees.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes have been cancelled until further notice. We hope to welcome you to Opto 22 headquarters again soon.

To Purchase: 
See GROOV-TRAINING-PF; cost is $995 per seat.  

Hear what other attendees have said about their Premium Factory Training experience: 

"The training was awesome." - Thomas Coombs, Project Engineer, Northeast Automation Co.
"...this was truly an exceptional training - best technical training I've been to in my career."- Jacob Zehnder, Engineer II, Parker Hannifin

Introduction to the groov EPIC System 

The groov EPIC System Premium Factory Training class provides an overview of the groov EPIC processor, groov I/O, connectivity to other devices, and the system's many programming options.

  • groov Manageto configure, commission, and troubleshoot

  • groov View—to build and view mobile operator interfaces

  • PAC Control—a flowchart-based industrial automation programming tool

  • PAC Display—to build HMI operator interfaces for Microsoft® Windows®-based computers

  • Ignition Edge®—from Inductive Automation®; provides drivers to PLCs

  • MQTT/Strings/Sparkplug—a secure, bi-directional, lightweight publish/subscribe protocol

  • Node-RED—an open-source, multi-platform IIoT tool to connect databases, cloud apps, and APIs

  • IEC-61131-3 support—through the CODESYS® software platform for factory automation

  • Linux shell access—to run your custom-developed automation application

Course Content:

The training includes hands-on exercises, demonstrations, discussions, and knowledge checks.

You’ll learn how to:

Select, install, and connect hardware and field devices

  • Learn techniques and safety tips for proper installation of the groov processor and modules onto the chassis.

  • Learn about the flexibility of the various communication interfaces on the processor and connect devices to these interfaces

Initialize and configure the groov EPIC processor

  • Create user IDs & passwords and learn about the different levels of access you can create

  • Establish network connectivity and learn about the other ways you can connect the processor to a network

  • Calibrate the integrated touchscreen and learn how you can connect the processor to external monitors

  • Upload license files

  • Navigate through groov Manage both on the touchscreen and through a computer browser

  • Compare and practice the different ways to configure I/O modules through groov Manage, PAC Control, and CODESYS®

Create control programs and choose programming options

  • Create a comprehensive control program with PAC Control to monitor and control an application

  • Use the CODESYS® Development System to create, download, and run a simple IEC61131-3 compliant program on the groov EPIC processor

  • Learn how to access the optional Linux shell to download and run a custom program

Create Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

  • Create an HMI for browsers and mobile devices with groov View

  • Create an HMI for a Windows-based PC that includes graphics and trends with PAC Display

Collect data from cloud services, databases, and other PLCs

  • Obtain weather data from a cloud service and then display it on the HMIs, all through Node-RED

  • Create a communication path between your control program and a third-party PLC with Ignition Edge software

  • Publish and subscribe to data with MQTT through a message broker