SNAP-PAC-SB2 Brain Firmware

File Size: 332 KB
Version: R10.4e
Updated: 10/03/2023

This download contains current firmware for the SNAP-PAC-SB2 brain. Current firmware for all SNAP PAC brains and controllers is available in a single download here.

NOTE: Opto 22 recommends that you always use the most recent release of PAC Manager. Depending on the shipment date or the version number of the firmware currently installed on your SNAP-PAC-R or SNAP-PAC-S controller, older versions of PAC Manager cannot install certain levels of firmware:

  • Effective April 2, 2018, some SNAP PAC controllers and brains have new flash components. These units shipped with firmware R9.5g (or higher) and new bootloader firmware. PAC firmware versions R9.5f and lower are not compatible with the new component. If you inadvertently install firmware R9.5f or lower on one of these units, you can recover by using the Failsafe Bootloader Mode to install firmware R9.5g or higher.
    • For more information about the new flash component, see KB87213.
    • For details on Failsafe Bootloader Mode, see "Replacing Damaged Firmware" in the PAC Manager User's Guide (form 1704).

See the README document for information on changes and fixes in the current version of this product's firmware.