Opto 22 Campus - Grounds Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours of the Opto 22 Campus:


Main Entrance and Guest Parking Area

Here you are at the main entrance to Opto 22's factory and headquarters in Temecula, California. Welcome! Guest parking is right here in front. As you walk up the front stairs, notice the bronze sculpture. Read more about it below.

Main Entrance Sculpture

Opto 22 moved from Orange County to new headquarters in Temecula in September 1991. Bob and Mary Jane Engman, founders of the company, commissioned contemporary California artist Delos Van Earl to produce the bronze sculpture that sits at the building's main entrance.

Rear Entrance Walkway and Garden

Walking through the garden is such a welcoming way to come into work each morning from the employee parking area in the back of the building. 

On the left you’ll see our golf putting green: 9 holes, and the site of the famous pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Putt team competition. If you hit a hole in one, you could earn a Thanksgiving pie!

Park and Walkway

We always enjoy the park-like setting of our factory and headquarters. Sitting outside for lunch, taking a putting break, or just walking adds balance to the day. Spring starts early when the flowering pear trees bloom in January or February (this is Southern California, after all), and then continues with roses, star jasmine, crape myrtles, and later some amazingly good fall color. 

A few years ago we replaced large swaths of grass with low-water-use plants like landscape roses, sages, and palo verde. But you can see we still have enough grass for our employees’ summer picnic. Zoom in to see the sand volleyball court down the walkway on the right (yup, Southern California).