Learn about Opto 22's SNAP PAC System...

...in five easy steps:

SNAP PAC System1. Read about PACs.

2. Watch the SNAP PAC System overview video. Also available with voiceovers in SpanishChineseJapanese, Russian, and Arabic.

3. Watch the PAC Control software how-to video.

4. Download the PAC Project Demo and explore the software using a PC-based controller (included).

5. Come to free training in sunny California. Or purchase the SNAP PAC Learning Center (part number SNAP-PACLC) and get hands-on experience with real hardware and software (includes a step-by-step tutorial).


Now design your own system

SNAP PAC ConfiguratorSee system architecture diagrams, choose components, and check specifications and wiring in the SNAP PAC System Specification Guide, form 1696 (pdf).

Build your I/O units in the interactive SNAP I/O Configurator. Choose your processor, I/O, and accessories. (It's fun!)

Read the Best Practices for PAC Project and groovTechnical Note (form 2073) before you start developing your control projects.


For help

More on choosing system components

SNAP PAC System Components (animated demo)

Choose software:

Choose a controller:

Get groov to add visualization for mobile devices; data handling at the network's edge; and connectivity to PLC systems, company databases and spreadsheets, cloud services and software, all in one industrial unit.


More on designing system architecture

SNAP PAC Networking options (animated demo)
Using the dual network interfaces on SNAP PACs (video)

Industrial wireless: Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O (video)

More videos on PAC Project Software

PAC Project SoftwareQuick-start videos for PAC Control:

PAC Display HMI
PAC Display Tips & Tricks
PAC Display Trends

OptoDataLink for database connectivity

Opto 22 quick tips videos