groov EPIC Learning Center 2 Package

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Version: 3.1
Updated: 04/16/2024

NOTE: The Learning Center 2 Package is not compatible with the older Learning Center product (GRV-EPIC-LC).

The groov EPIC Learning Center 2 Package is designed for the groov EPIC Learning Center 2 (part number GRV-EPIC-LC2). This software package contains projects that help you learn how to create control programs, operator interfaces (HMIs), and connections with other devices, software, and online services to move data where you need it using a groov EPIC system.

Software project files include:

  • PAC Control (control programming)
  • groov View (HMI creation and viewing)
  • Node-RED (IIoT connectivity)
  • Ignition Edge (IIoT connectivity)
  • CODESYS (an alternative control programming option)
Each project introduces components of the groov EPIC software architecture. You can run these projects to learn how the software interacts with the Learning Center's groov I/O and load panel.

You can use the Learning Center 2 and these files together with the groov EPIC Training Series, our FREE online training available for you at

Instructions on how to install the project files can be found in groov EPIC Learning Center 2 Setup Guide (form 2407).

If you need the assembly instructions that were shipped with your Learning Center 2, review groov EPIC Learning Center 2 Assembly (form 2409).