Case Study: Point Energy Partners Replaces Outdated Controls with IIoT Edge Solution

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Updated: 12/14/2023

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Texas-based Point Energy Partners (PEP) specializes in acquiring and developing onshore U.S. oil and gas properties with extensive experience working in major basins across the nation. PEP owns and operates the majority of the gathering and midstream assets for its operations, including its very large water recycling program, which showcases their commitment to sustainable and efficient resource management.

In an industry where every spill carries a hefty price tag, PEP found that the manual and low-tech systems at their water sites were a significant problem. These sites did not have a big budget for upgrades, so most control solutions on the market just wouldn’t fit the bill.

In this case study, read how they replaced those manual systems with a cost-effective IIoT edge solution and how they use it today.