OptoTutorial: SNAP PAC PID

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Updated: 08/24/2012

NOTE: Due to the unavailability of essential parts, the SNAP-PACLC is obsolete as of April 2022. This document will remain available on our website for customers who already own a SNAP PAC Learning Center.

This supplement to the SNAP PAC Learning Center Guide teaches you how to use proportional integral derivative (PID) loops with PAC Control software and a SNAP PAC R-series controller.

This PDF is the manual only; for the complete tutorial, download 1641_OptoTutorial_SNAP_PAC_PID.zip.

The tutorial is designed to be used with a SNAP PAC Learning Center. If you don't have a Learning Center but are using PID with PAC Control, you will still find conceptual information in the PDF to be useful.