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In PAC Manager, watchdogs for digital outputs cannot be enabled
Knowledge Base - KB88319 - Published:
You can use PAC Manager to test the watchdog function on an output point, by enabling the watchdog timer, enabling the watchdog for the point, and setting the watchdog value. However, in the point...more
MQTT topics not being published
Knowledge Base - KB88518 - Published:
If you are running MQTT with string payloads on your groov EPIC processor and you did not specify a base topic, your topics (PAC Controller tags) will not be published. The base topic is required...more
MQTT with string payloads “status” and “publishall” requests may function erratically
Knowledge Base - KB88514 - Published:
If you are running MQTT with string payloads on your groov EPIC processor and you send "status" or "publish all" requests, some requests may get missed, so you may not receive the updates.
I/O unit's Inspect window incorrectly reports channel quality as good for missing module
Knowledge Base - KB88391 - Published:
Channel configured in a PAC Control strategy but module is not installed on the chassis should show 'Bad' in the Points [Detailed] tab of the I/O unit's Inspect window. It incorrectly shows Good.
Secondary or Wifi IP address can conflict with Primary IP address
Knowledge Base - KB88508 - Published:
One of the Ethernet network interfaces on a SNAP PAC controller may appear to be unresponsive. But if you remove the Ethernet cable from the other interface, the original interface becomes responsive.
PAC Display Configurator: Graphic Dynamic Attributes lets you select Fixed data Toggle when source is Prompt for data
Knowledge Base - KB88311 - Published:
In PAC Display Configurator's Graphic Dynamic Attributes dialog box, you can choose from two source options: fixed data and prompt for data. If you choose Prompt for data, the dialog box still allows you to select the Fixed Data Toggle button.
PAC Display Configurator: Recipe Upload/Download buttons grayed out when creating recipe file
Knowledge Base - KB88305 - Published:
When you're configuring a recipe in PAC Display Configurator, in the Tools > Create Recipe File dialog box, the Upload and Download buttons may be grayed out and can't be clicked. 
Closing a chart using the corner x while a script block is open causes PAC Control to shut down
Knowledge Base - KB86860 - Published:
When you close a chart using the ‘x’ in the upper right corner while a script block in that chart remains open, you receive a message that PAC Control has to shut down because it stopped working correctly.
PAC Control File > Archive Strategy may not include unsaved changes
Knowledge Base - KB85689 - Published:
When you archive your strategy (File > Archive Strategy), PAC Control does not prompt you to save changes before creating the strategy archive. The archive may not include your unsaved changes.