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Unhandled Exception error when stopping all links in OptoDataLink
Knowledge Base - KB90778 - Published:
When you attempt to stop all links in OptoDataLink Configurator (or from OptoDataLink Monitor in the Windows system tray), you may encounter a Microsoft .NET Framework “Unhandled exception” error.
On/Off-Time Totalization values from groov discrete outputs not updating in PAC Display Runtime
Knowledge Base - KB90755 - Published:
When configuring a Dynamic Attribute object (such as a Text object) in PAC Display Runtime to use a value tag on a groov discrete output channel configured with the On-Time or Off-Time Totalizer feature,...more
OptoDataLink SQL database transaction fails due to "Incorrect syntax” error from NULL data values
Knowledge Base - KB90796 - Published:
When you configure a SQL database as a destination in OptoDataLink, you may encounter an Incorrect syntax near ‘)’ message in the error log, and no data will be logged to the destination database.
Error when adding Get On-Time/Off-Time Totalizer commands with groov discrete outputs in PAC Control
Knowledge Base - KB90769 - Published:
When you attempt to add a Get On-Time or Get Off-Time Totalizer command with a groov discrete (digital) output point configured with the On/Off-Time Totalizer feature in an Action block, the error...more
On-Time/Off-Time options missing from Add Watch Entry dialog in PAC Control
Knowledge Base - KB90756 - Published:
When you attempt to add a Watch entry in PAC Control Debug mode for a digital (discrete) output point configured with the On/Off-Time Totalizer feature, the On-Time/Off-Time options may be missing from...more
OptoOPCServer Indirect (CONT) method unable to scan groov discrete outputs with On/Off-Time Totalizer features
Knowledge Base - KB90765 - Published:
When a groov discrete output configured with the On-Time or Off-Time Totalizer feature is added to an OPC client using the OptoOPCServer CONT scanner, the retrieved values are always empty...more
Digital output ON/OFF totalization unsupported in PAC Display Configurator
Knowledge Base - KB90736 - Published:
If you have a tag with a digital (discrete) output configured as an ON or OFF time totalizer in your PAC Control strategy, you may encounter the error message: “Unable to Load Digital Point...more
Email notifications for triggered alarms inconsistently sent
Knowledge Base - KB90590 - Published:
If you have configured PAC Display to send emails when alarms are triggered, the delivery of those emails (especially subsequent emails for multiple triggered alarms) may be inconsistent and not coincide with when the alarms are triggered.
GRV-OVMALC-8: Configuring channel type to Analog Hi-Z not saved correctly
Knowledge Base - KB90664 - Published:
If you change the channel type of any channel on a GRV-OVMALC-8 module from any type to Analog Hi-Z, the configuration is not saved correctly. In groov Manage, the channel status page incorrectly...more
PAC Manager cannot confirm reboot of E1 or E2 brain boards when installing firmware
Knowledge Base - KB90678 - Published:
In PAC Manager, instead of seeing a “Success” message after installing firmware on an E1 or E2 brain board, you may see the status message: “Firmware update completed, but restart could not be confirmed.”
E2 analog inputs report a constant, invalid value
Knowledge Base - KB90700 - Published:
Channels 0-7, 8-15, or all channels stop measuring inputs and report 0 counts or 61440 counts (if configured to read counts) or an invalid engineering unit value (if configured to read engineering...more
Clear All Latches command may cause processor/controller reset
Knowledge Base - KB90702 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy uses the Clear All Latches command on a SNAP I/O unit that has unconfigured points or empty module positions, the groov EPIC processor or SNAP PAC controller will reset.
I/O unit incorrectly reports communication enabled after power cycle
Knowledge Base - KB90689 - Published:
After an I/O unit cycles power and your PAC Control strategy tests if the I/O unit is available with the Is I/O Unit Ready? and ​I/O Unit Communication Enabled?, the I/O unit may incorrectly report communication as enabled.
Some channel configurations may not restore from persistent memory
Knowledge Base - KB90696 - Published:
If you configure channels on through groov Manage and then restart the groov RIO module or groov EPIC processor, one or more of the I/O channel configurations may not be restored from persistent memory.