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Counters missing from digital inputs on channels 0 and 1 of GRV-R7-MM100-10
Knowledge Base - KB89682 - Published:
In CODESYS Development System, when you are configuring channels 0 or 1 of a GRV-R7-MM100-10 as a digital input and you want to select Counter as a Feature, you will not see it in the drop-down list...more
Remote I/O may start with a timeout error
Knowledge Base - KB89679 - Published:
In CODESYS Development System, when you download and run your application, remote I/O will often start off with a spurious and benign timeout error. You may see a red exclamation mark over the green...more
Digital input latches and counters may be incorrect when first running an application
Knowledge Base - KB89672 - Published:
When first running an application, digital input latches should be set to False and counters to 0. With this issue, occasionally, they may get initialized to the current values in the I/O unit.
CODESYS incorrectly shows support of latches on channels 2-7 of GRV-R7-MM1001-10
Knowledge Base - KB89653 - Published:
In CODESYS Development System, when you configure any channel from 2 up to and including 7 of a GRV-R7-MM1001-10 module as a digital input, CODESYS lists latches as a selectable feature. That is...more
When I/O unit reconnects after timeout, digital input latches and counters may be incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB89648 - Published:
In a CODESYS application with a GRV-R7-MM1001-10 or GRV-EPIC-PR1 that has digital I/O configured with latches or counters, if the I/O unit reconnects after a timeout, the latches and counters current...more
LDAP: Internal server error when valid user is entered
Knowledge Base - KB89490 - Published:
If you are running the Test Connection feature in groov Manage (from the groov Manage Home page, click Accounts > LDAP Settings) and you enter a valid user name, if groov Manage reports "Internal Server" error, you may have this issue.
Digital input channel set for continuous frequency doesn't report 0 Hz when input stops toggling
Knowledge Base - KB89405 - Published:
If you configure channel 0 or 1 of GRV-R7-MM1001-10 as a digital input that measures frequency, the channel does not report 0 Hz when the input stops toggling; instead, the channel holds the last measured value.
Computed Tag Reports Error When Input is String Array Tag
Knowledge Base - KB89631 - Published:
If you create a Computed Tag and set its source to a String Array tag, about 10 seconds after you view a page with a gadget using that tag, groov View displays a yellow triangle on the gadget...more
Multiple Symptoms When Transmitting CAN Messages Using GRV-CCANI-2
Knowledge Base - KB89625 - Published:
The following symptoms can occur after transmitting 12-20 messages via a GRV-CCANI-2 port into a misconfigured CAN bus: All groov module status LEDs (except for simple modules) turn RED. I/O...more
Chart May Freeze When Strategy Uses a Command That Starts an SSL Client Session
Knowledge Base - KB89624 - Published:
When using a command that starts an SSL client session, such as HTTP Get or Send Email (with SSL enabled), the chart may freeze. Once this occurs, other charts using these commands will also freeze...more
Cannot Browse Below "Resources" Folder on CODESYS OPC UA Server
Knowledge Base - KB89546 - Published:
If you are using an OPC UA client and browsing through a CODESYS OPC UA server accessing a GRV-EPIC-PR1, you may not be able to expand branches below the Resources branch if the Application node is blank.
Changes to Inputs Received Slower Than Configured Streaming Interval
Knowledge Base - KB89593 - Published:
In a CODESYS application, input values from I/O will not be as fresh as the configured Streaming Internal. When you are monitoring the values of discrete or analog inputs (for example, through the...more
"Definition Unknown" or Other Errors When Host/Listener Port is 22002
Knowledge Base - KB89551 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy requests communication through port 22002, you may observe a "Definition Unknown" error or other strange behavior. The following is a partial list of ways a PAC...more
No indication when components in backup file fail to restore
Knowledge Base - KB89500 - Published:
When you are restoring from a backup file, it's possible that the overall restoration process finishes, but one or more components may not have been restored successfully. groov Manage should show...more
OptoMMP Server Resets When Writing to Modbus/TCP Holding Register(s) with Unit ID Greater Than 1
Knowledge Base - KB89480 - Published:
When using Modbus/TCP to write to Holding register(s) with Unit ID greater than one on a groov EPIC I/O unit or groov RIO unit, the OptoMMP server will reset.  This will cause the groov I/O or RIO...more
PAC Control Strategy Can't Access Remote groov EPIC I/O Unit After I/O Unit Reboots
Knowledge Base - KB89421 - Published:
If a PAC Control strategy has a remote groov EPIC I/O unit that is configured with a hostname, then if that I/O unit restarts (for example, it goes through a power cycle) and the DHCP server assigns it...more
Local Touchscreen Responds to Touches When Processor Connected to External Monitor by HDMI
Knowledge Base - KB88812 - Published:
When an external monitor is connected to the HDMI port of the groov EPIC processor, the touchscreen goes blank and should not respond to touches. However, with this issue, the touchscreen does respond to touches.
Changes to USB Permissions Do Not Take Effect Immediately
Knowledge Base - KB88802 - Published:
This is an informational KB article. The groov EPIC processor is behaving correctly. When you are changing the permissions settings on a USB storage media (from groov Manage Home...more