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PAC Manager: On Generic Read/Write page, error when using write-only address or navigating with Tab key
Knowledge Base - KB90538 - Published:
You may see  "Error reading area: The I/O Unit does not support this area." or  "Enter valid scaling values." while working in the Generic Read/Write page of the Inspect Opto 22 Device window of PAC Manager.
Parameter values incorrectly changed when pasting blocks from one strategy into another strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90545 - Published:
When you copy blocks from one strategy to another strategy, the values of numeric or string literals parameters used in some commands may have changed. This issue happens when either numeric literals or...more
PAC Control: Changing type of I/O unit for a subroutine parameter causes parameter to disappear and compile errors
Knowledge Base - KB89495 - Published:
If a parameter of a subroutine has an I/O unit as the type (for example, SNAP-PAC-R1), and then you change the I/O unit to another type (for example, GRV-EPIC-PR1), the parameter may disappear from the...more
Switching between groov Manage and groov View multiple times on groov EPIC touchscreen may cause restart
Knowledge Base - KB90510 - Published:
If you switch between groov Manage and groov View multiple times (more than approximately 10 times) on the groov EPIC touchscreen, the groov EPIC may restart. The restart may occur days or weeks after switching between groov Manage and groov View.
I/O Services may become unresponsive upon startup or after installing a GRV-IVAPM-3 module
Knowledge Base - KB90508 - Published:
You may observe a lack of response from I/O services (including the I/O Services page, the memory map, and the I/O), a yellow banner at the top of groov Manage with the message "I/O offline",...more
groov discrete modules occasionally report unusually large frequency measurements
Knowledge Base - KB90549 - Published:
This issue occurs on channels configured with the continuous frequency feature. Occasionally, the module reports an unusually large value that persists for one measurement scan, typically no more than...more
PAC Control: mistic I/O unit configured with PIDs imported into another strategy may be configured incorrectly or run incorrectly
Knowledge Base - KB89361 - Published:
If you import a mistic I/O unit configured with PIDs into another strategy, you may observe that the PID may not be configured as it was originally and a "Tag Database Import Errors" tab may open in PAC Control.
OptoDataLink projects configured with SQL Server 2012 - 2014 display blank area in Configurator
Knowledge Base - KB90536 - Published:
If you have an OptoDataLink project that has entries with a Database Type of SQL Server 2012 - 2014 and the project configuration file was created with a version of OptoDataLink earlier than R10.5a...more
OptoDataLink links may fail to start
Knowledge Base - KB90520 - Published:
In OptoDataLink, you may observe that your links won't start. This behavior occurs whether you save (click File > Save) and then run the links (click Run > Start all links), or click the Save and Start All Links button.
"Averaging Filter Weight" checkbox not checked when upgrading strategy that has "Set Value" checked
Knowledge Base - KB90529 - Published:
If you have a pre-R10.5a strategy that contains analog inputs where the Send Value checkbox is checked and a value is specified for Average Filter Weight, when you open that strategy in PAC Control R10...more
Downloading strategy with E2 I/O unit returns -60 error
Knowledge Base - KB90528 - Published:
If your strategy has an E2 I/O unit where you configured the analog input points with Offset and Gain through the Add/Set Analog Point window, when you download the strategy, PAC Control returns a -60 (empty stack) error.