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GRV-ITM-12 module disconnects and reconnects at random times.
Knowledge Base - KB89802 - Published:
You may observe that some GRV-ITM-12 modules on the chassis may not get discovered or discovery is delayed. Or, after power-up and initial module discovery, some GRV-ITM-12 modules may drop off...more
System update fails: "Failed to import gpg certificate. The system clock may be too far in the past. Update the system clock."
Knowledge Base - KB89711 - Published:
Updating system firmware on groov EPIC or groov RIO may fail with the message "Failed to import gpg certificate. The system clock may be too far in the past. Update the system clock."
Expression tags created in Ignition Edge 7.9 do not execute correctly in version 8.1.1
Knowledge Base - KB89707 - Published:
If your application has an expression tag created with Ignition Edge 7.9 and then you try to run the application with version 8.1.1, you will see Error_configuration as the value for the expression tag...more
Can't restore a backup file made by GRV-EPIC-PR1 to a GRV-EPIC-PR2 (or vice versa)
Knowledge Base - KB89667 - Published:
When you create a backup from a GRV-EPIC-PR1 and then try to restore it to a GRV-EPIC-PR2, groov Manage displays the following error and does not do the restore: The backup file is not...more
Modbus/TCP transactions may fail
Knowledge Base - KB89636 - Published:
When using a Modbus/TCP client to access the Modbus/TCP server on groov EPIC and groov RIO units, some transactions may fail even when accessing valid Modbus/TCP registers or a valid memory map region.
GRV-ITM-12: Type K thermocouple channels read about 300 degrees C at room temperature
Knowledge Base - KB89681 - Published:
If you have a GRV-ITM-12 module with channels configured for type K thermocouples and thermocouples connected to channels, when you download a PAC Control strategy, some channel pairs (0 and 1, 2 and 3...more
Trend data not restored when groov View project restored
Knowledge Base - KB89573 - Published:
When you back up a groov View project on one device (including the trend data), then try to restore the project on another device (or the same device after upgrading firmware), sometimes the trend data is not restored.
Page Navigators configured as links or buttons don't work when Visibility option enabled
Knowledge Base - KB89755 - Published:
If a page in your groov View project contains a Page Navigator that is configured to displays as either a link or a button and you assign a tag to the Visibility option, when the tag changes, the link or button does not appear or disappear as expected.
When bit 0 is selected in a gadget using bit picking, the automatic label fails to show "(bit 0)"
Knowledge Base - KB89673 - Published:
When you use a bit-picked tag with a groov View gadget, the automatic label should display the bit you've chosen. For example, if you've selected bit 3, a gadget using a tag named "Int 64...more