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Reconfiguring to another scalable subtype may cause invalid channel configuration
Knowledge Base - KB89963 - Published:
In the Configure RIO Channels dialog of PAC Control, if you change the channel type of a channel on a universal I/O module from one scalable type to another scalable type, the change may cause the scaling values to become invalid.
When renaming a variable, text in comments or string literals may also be updated
Knowledge Base - KB90029 - Published:
If you rename a variable in a strategy or subroutine, and the original name exists in comments or string literals in OptoScript blocks, then the name inadvertently updates to the new variable name in those comments and string literals.
Strategies created in versions 10.0, 10.1, or 10.2 of PAC Control may not upgrade to 10.4 correctly
Knowledge Base - KB90018 - Published:
If you open a strategy created in PAC Control versions 10.0, 10.1, or 10.2 in version 10.4 and the strategy has a groov EPIC I/O unit configured in it, PAC Control closes when you try to download the strategy to a controller.
In Edit Analog Point window, scaling fields become unconfigurable after selecting a non-scalable channel type
Knowledge Base - KB89962 - Published:
In PAC Control configuration mode, when you configure a groov analog I/O channel in the Edit Analog Point window, the fields in the Scaling section become unconfigurable for all channel types if you...more
Moving a digital I/O channel from groov EPIC I/O unit to groov RIO I/O unit may cause PAC Control to crash
Knowledge Base - KB89951 - Published:
In PAC Control Config mode, if you move a groov digital I/O channel from a groov EPIC I/O unit to a groov RIO I/O unit, when you attempt to configure channels on the groov RIO I/O unit (for example, by...more
The “Subtype / Feature” column may not update correctly when moving groov digital I/O channel to another module
Knowledge Base - KB89969 - Published:
In PAC Control Configuration mode, the Subtype / Feature column of the Configure I/O Modules and Points window may not display the correct values for channel type and feature after a groov digital I/O...more
Moving a groov analog I/O channel to a GRV-MM1001-10 may corrupt channel's configuration
Knowledge Base - KB89953 - Published:
In PAC Control Configuration mode, if you move a groov analog I/O channel to a GRV-MM1001-10 channel position that does not support the exact same analog I/O configuration (including type and...more
SoftPAC: FTP dir command may return incorrect entries
Documents, Knowledge Base - KB90096 - Published:
In PAC Control, when you use the FTP dir command with SoftPAC, you may see that the return value may be more than the actual number of entries returned and, when the entries are written into...more
Time zone change that is set for 5th week may change prematurely
Documents, Knowledge Base - KB90047 - Published:
If you configure a controller to change time zone on the fifth week of the month, the time zone may change on the 4th occurrence of the day of the week, even if there is a 5th occurrence in the specified month.
SNAP PAC controller may show retry errors on local I/O unit
Documents, Knowledge Base - KB89971 - Published:
When running a strategy on a SNAP PAC controller and the strategy accesses local I/O, the firmware may place -539 (I/O error; performing retry) error messages on the message queue. These error messages should not occur on local I/O units.