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32-bit integers that represent boolean values aren't presented as booleans
Knowledge Base - KB90400 - Published:
In PAC Control, if you define a 32-bit integer to represent a boolean value, the tag that the Data Service creates should be defined as boolean. With this issue, the tag is defined as a 32-bit integer.
MQTT/Data Service may not issue Death Certificate when MQTT service restarted
Knowledge Base - KB90390 - Published:
When a groov EPIC or groov RIO restarts MQTT/Data Service, they should issue a Death Certificate to indicate that subsequent tag data is stale. However, with this issue, groov EPIC and groov RIO do not issue the Death Certificate.
Some tag properties for groov EPIC/groov RIO with Sparkplug B payloads are missing/incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB90386 - Published:
When you are browsing for tags (through an MQTT tag browser) on a groov EPIC or groov RIO configured with Sparkplug B payloads, you may observe that the properties for some tags are missing or incorrect.
OPC UA clients cannot read/write tags when using system administrator account
Knowledge Base - KB90343 - Published:
If you are using a groov Manage administrator account as the username and password to authenticate to the native OPC UA server, your OPC UA client will not be able to read or write tags.
Some security certificates are not uploaded
Knowledge Base - KB90315 - Published:
If you upload a security certificate that has a file extension other than .crt, groov Manage may report that it successfully uploaded the certificate and even display it on the Certificates list, even though the upload failed.
MQTT may not scan all public tags after watchdog changes for digital output channels
Knowledge Base - KB90206 - Published:
If you are using MQTT on a groov EPIC processor or groov RIO module to scan tags, MQTT may not scan all public tags if there is a change to the watchdog value and the watchdog enable/disable field on digital output channels.
FTP "appe" command overwrites remote file
Knowledge Base - KB90198 - Published:
In a PAC Control strategy, if you use the Send Communication Handle FTP appe command to append to a file on a remote FTP server, the command overwrites the file on the remote FTP server with the...more
PAC Control REST API returns strings that are not part of the strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90055 - Published:
If you call the /device/strategy/vars/strings get method (of the PAC Control REST API), on rare occasions, it may return hidden internal strings that begin with an underscore character ("_").