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My Opto22 Library doesn't appear to have version
Forum - Published:
Hi folks, I’m brand new to the hard and software and I’m trying to update my device in CODESYS, as the version of my GRV-EPIC-PR1 is I’ve got the opto22 library installed, i’m running in 32bit...more
Elevate your OT data securely to the cloud
Blog - Published:
Watch how easy it is to securely connect real-world, OT data to Ignition Cloud Edition. Good news! Our friends at Inductive Automation recently made all the presentations from the 2023 Ignition Community...more
Where to see groov in action in 2024
Blog - Published:
Visit Opto 22's Events page to see where you can find Opto engineers demonstrating groov products in 2024. We're already a month into the new year and our calendar of events is filling up quickly. Opto...more
Deleted GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3 may not be properly removed from a PAC Control strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90711 - Published:
When deleting a groov RIO energy monitoring unit (EMU; GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3) from a PAC Control strategy, it may continue to appear in the Strategy Tree. If you attempt to open the deleted groov RIO EMU from the Strategy Tree, PAC Control may crash.
Jetty Version on groov AR1
Forum - Published:
What version of Jetty is on the current AR1 (groov Box) release? I have a customer with a NodeRed application running on an AR1 . Their IT department has run a security scan and it says the Jetty...more
Can I use an RIO MM1001 to natively measure natural gas flow through pulse output?
Forum - Published:
Hello all! I want to measure the output of a rotary gas flow meter, and I am wondering if I can simply run my output wires into channel 1 of the GRV-R7-MM1001-10? Or if I will need a convertor or...more
Are the 4-channel SNAP digital input cards interchangeable?
Forum - Published:
Good morning, We’ve been using the standard SNAP-IDC5 input card to “count” pulse signals from a water flow paddlewheel sensor to calculate the flow (at fairly high speed, e.g. 93 pulses = 1 Liter). I...more
Display CODESYS string variable in Groov View
Forum - Published:
I have a CODESYS structured text STRING-type variable foo. I want to display it in Groov View. When I go find it in Groov View Build mode’s Gadget Pallette > Tags list, I see foo : STRING : R/W. When I...more
Node-Red: Dynamic Groov I/O Module & Channel Index
Forum - Published:
Is it possible to dynamically set the values of the module/channel index fields for the Groov I/O nodes? Fairly sure I know the answer is no. But want to ask just in case I’m missing something. I am...more
Trigger Command for Node-RED save to file time period
Forum - Published:
Hi, I’ve built a data logger that grabs certain points every minute from my Epic and writes the values to a csv file. I use the injector to run this. However, I’m looking for the following to make this...more
New case study: Production facility meets pandemic vaccine demand
Blog - Published:
See how Zendal overcame multiple challenges of cybersecurity, incompatible equipment, lockdown, logistics, and remote teams. During the year 2020, dozens of companies worldwide worked to develop...more
New year offers more groov EPIC training
Blog - Published:
Opto 22 headquarters welcomed a new group of groov EPIC students to kick off 2024 training. The value of in-person, instructor-led training at the Opto 22 factory and headquarters is evident after...more
Problem with Groov View
Forum - Published:
Hello I have a system running with EPIC PR1(3.4.4) (PacControl, Node-Red, GroovView and MariaDB), it has worked well for a few weeks but lately the GroovView HMI freezes (I have no trends and there is...more
C++ OptoMMP SDK function for getting/setting engineering units?
Forum - Published:
Hello, I was wondering if there was a function/method that was part of the C++ OptoMMP SDK that would allow you to either set and/or get the engineering units for a given channel. Basically looking on...more
Adding a timestamp to data sent to csv file
Forum - Published:
I’ve created a data logger pulling analog points from my Opto Epic using the following in Node-RED: inject (msg.payload = timestamp) > groov i/o read node > change node (msg.payload to the value of...more
Snap-Pac-R1 and LabVIEW interface
Forum - Published:
Hey everyone. I am trying to integrate OPTO22 into a previous LabVIEW vi. Does anyone have some examples or previously written LabVIEW vi’s that I can tweak to interface with my current project? I will...more
Opto Epic I/O points collected in a data-logger to csv file
Forum - Published:
I’m trying to build a simple data logger collecting I/O points (mostly just analog values), from the Opto Epic (we have PAC Controller also. Basically need a timestamp, roughly 10 analog points...more
Groov View Drawings and Things
Forum - Published:
Good afternoon. I’m still using the Trial Version of Groov View. I’m trying to build an Overview of our Facilities to illustrate machine state and data. I’m wondering if there is more drawing tools in...more
Case Study: Zendal Group Meets Pandemic Vaccine Demand
Documents - 2400 - Published:
View in html During the year 2020, dozens of companies worldwide worked to develop vaccines for the pandemic-causing virus SARS-CoV-2, known to the world as COVID-19. Biofabri, a...more
Build and preview your automation system with groov System Configurators
Blog - Published:
These website tools make it easy to design your automation systems and choose the parts you need. Hey Opto crew! Today, I want to walk you through something pretty cool and super useful – our System...more
Need help with your automation project?
Blog - Published:
Choose the OptoPartner you need from Opto 22's growing network of system integrators. The newest members of the OptoPartner program come from all around the world. Take a look at the descriptions below...more
Read/Write I/O using commands to read/write enter I/O unit all at once
Forum - Published:
This is mainly a question about OptoControl, but as we move our hardware to groov, we are looking at ways to streamline our process. We’ve recently had a lot of issues (I/O units becoming disabled and...more
Node-red energy meter rs485 modbus connection
Forum - Published:
Hello there, i have some problems with node-re modbus connection via rs485. i have conencted raspberry to Yada dcm6636 energy meter via rs485 port. The port open and communicate each other but in node...more
Updating node-red project API
Forum - Published:
Hello! I’m working on setting up a CI pipeline for our node-red project and and I would like to automate the deployment to target. I thought maybe I could use the node-red admin API. More specifically...more