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Connect groov view to samsung TV
Forum - Published:
GREETINGS, Is a new topic here. We planning to use 2 Samsung SmartTV connect to the router and open groov view via web browser that pre-installed in the TV. Everything work fine until login to the groov...more
Close Screen & Return to Original Screen
Forum - Published:
The topic doesn’t make much sense, but what I am trying to do is close an ‘Alarm Message’ screen (similar to a popup) that is called from a ‘Page Navigator’ gadget from the screen of origin [or the...more
Flow to open solenoid valves on prescribed interval using Raspberry Pi
Forum - Published:
I am planning to purchase OPTO-P1-40P andSNAP-D4M and will run Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi to do a simple program. I have some of it figured out, but a few areas need some help. Here’s what we have now...more
Complex math in a function node
Forum - Published:
I am hoping for some guidance on how to perform (somewhat) complex math in Node-RED. My current flow that grabs some parameters from SQL and puts them into my strategy looks like this: sample_flow...more
Strategy and chart running but logic not executing
Forum - Published:
Hi all, I am new to Opto 22 PAC software development (liked the flow of it, makes it easy to understand actual process) and on this forum. We are using SNAP-PAC-R1 controller and PAC control professional...more
Convert PAC Display Pro Project from 9.0 to 9.6
Forum - Published:
We are trying to setup an interim project using PAC Display Pro vR9.6f from Pro vR9.0. We are developing an EPIC system and want to work out ‘new’ features using our existing Opto22 PAC R2 system. We...more
RS-232 Receive Data
Forum - Published:
Now that we have RS-232 communication what’s the best way to filter out our receive data? We currently receive: @253ACKATM;FF The info I need is the ATM but that can vary depending on the pressure...more
Case Study: Blendtech Cuts the Cost of API 2350 Compliance
Documents - Published:
When the American Petroleum Institute (API) introduced updates to API Standard 2350, “Overfill Protection for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities,” Blendtech's customer needed...more
Displaying time & date in groov View from an Int32 table
Forum - Published:
(using the latest EPIC Firmware 1.5.0 and groov View 4.2a) I am using NTP Timestamps in my PAC Control strategy so that I can easily perform time computations. However, for the HMI (groov View) that...more
Where can I get the certificate for MQTT server?
Forum - Published:
Greetings, I am not sure where can I get *ca.pem certificate file for the MQTT server in groov EPIC. I haven’t activate my Ignition yet. I search for a few tutorials on youtube to enable MQTT service...more
Creating an Event with Groov ver4.2a - Any Issues
Forum - Published:
I was trying to create an ‘Event’ in Groov v4.2a ‘build’ mode. It is shown under ‘Data Simulator’, but when you try to click on it nothing happens. Any thoughts? Thanks Dave...
Modbus settings in Groov View
Forum - Published:
Hi, I have a Yokogawa controller (YS-1700) connected to Groov-AR1 using modbus TCP/IP. Some of the tags are using DWord. I don’t understand how do I configure that in Groov view? The values are showing...more
The problem of groov server 4.2a trend graph
Forum - Published:
Caused by adjusting the lower time window.The trend chart moves in reverse. (3.5 MB) Here are my three photos in chronological order 1.jpg1242×2208 265 KB 2.jpg1242×2208 260 KB 3.jpg1242×2208 277 KB ...
Groov Server 4.2a for Windows
Forum - Published:
Am trying to download the trial version of Groov Server 4.2a for Windows, but when I go the ‘’ and go thru the process, it downloads 4.1. Any info on when this will be available Thanks Dave...
Modbus using Scratch Pad
Forum - Published:
Hey Guys, I am try to use the the Scratch Pad to transfer data to a 3rd party Modbus client. However, the Client did not said modbus ping fail. On the client side configure the modbus unit ID is 110...more
Use a Modbus TCP Device with groov View
Videos - Published:
This video shows you how to communicate with a Modbus TCP device using a groov EPIC PR1 Controller and groov View. Use groov View to create the control program on the groov EPIC PR1 to communicate with a Modbus TCP device.
Groov EPIC Firmware 1.5.0 has been released
Forum - Published:
We are pretty excited to announce that groov EPIC firmware version 1.5.0 has been released. You can read about it here;
groov EPIC 1.5.0 is ready, and here's why you'll want to update
Blog - Published:
groov EPIC firmware version 1.5.0 is available now and has several great new features and a few bug fixes. While our groov EPIC Readme file has all the technical details, here's a sweeping look at the...more
RS-232 Communcation
Forum - Published:
Hello, I’m trying to communicate to an MKS Pressure Controller via the EPIC GRV-CSERI-4. I believe I have my communication handle setup correctly with my initial value of @MKS_946, baud=9600,parity=n...more
PAC Display Runtime crashes when quickly clicking on different buttons
Knowledge Base - KB88739 - Published:
If your PAC Display project has a page with several buttons configured with pop-up windows, quickly clicking on those buttons causes Runtime to crash, displaying a message that it needs to terminate.
Transmit Numeric Table data corruption
Forum - Published:
I am trying to output data from a numeric table into a .csv file. I am using the following code to generate the table and then transmit it. The resulting csv file has corrupted data, as shown attached....more