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What does "limited sockets implementation" mean?
Forum - Published:
I am wondering what the phrase limited sockets implementation means. (This is in the PAC Control Reference Guide (1701) in the notes about the Accept Incoming Communication command). Is this the same as...more
Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table command behaves differently with firmware R10.0 and newer
Knowledge Base - KB88239 - Published:
If your PAC Control strategy uses the Move I/O Unit to Numeric Table command on a serial B3000 analog address, it treats each analog module as having 4 points instead of 2.  This will affect where the data is placed in the table.
Receive Table Missing Data
Forum - Published:
I have data saved into csv format in text files. The text file is a [1 x 89], but when I read it into PAC control it only has 87 data cells. It is missing the last 2 data points. The code I am using is...more
Backing up the Groov 'project' to the Epic from a Win10 laptop running Groov Server
Forum - Published:
Hope this is not a redundant post, I could not find anything similar. I am running Groov Server on a Win10 laptop that is connected to an Epic PR1 that we are setting up for the first time. The laptop...more
Node-Red Installing Opto22 Nodes via Epic, Firewall?
Forum - Published:
I’ve a couple ‘newbie’ questions, I couldn’t find any related topics of the Node-Red or Epic forum pages. We are setting up our first Epic system, I have a Win10 laptop connected and it all works fine....more
Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit [Ex] does not defer or propagate
Knowledge Base - KB80935 - Published:
When using a SNAP PAC S-series controller in a redundant system with the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit, the Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit and Move Numeric Table to I/O Unit Ex commands update the I/O...more
Attend Free Inductive Automation Discovery Day Seminar in Chicago
Blog - Published:
Opto 22 is once again partnering with Inductive Automation for a free all-day seminar in downtown Chicago on November 19, 2019:Digital Transformation Made Easy with Ignition and MQTT: Learn how Combining IT & OT Empowers Innovation Within Your Enterprise
Lost connection to an R1 through Ignition with the Cirrus module
Forum - Published:
Hey guys, I’m running 3.4.4 of the Cirrus Opto 22 SNAP PAC driver with Ignition 7.9.8, and a couple of weeks ago it just shows not connected, and it won’t reconnect. I’ve restarted the module...more
Sending an email from node red flow : based on integer table status
Forum - Published:
I am new to node red and JavaScript. I would appreciate help on something I need to get working. I want to send an email to notify me of an alarm condition, based on the status of an I 32 table from my...more
Groov-AR1 Won't Power Up
Forum - Published:
I have an AR1 that won’t power up or respond anymore. I popped the cover off and F1 is good and red LED1 is on. Power at terminals is 11.97 VDC. Are they any other checks I can do to revive this...more
How to continuously run script on EPIC through SSH?
Forum - Published:
How can I continuously run the script on EPIC like it is a strategy in PAC control? I have tried putting the code with a continuous loop so EPIC can always check the button state and response as...more
Humidity Sensor
Forum - Published:
Is there a way that I can use this Humidity Sensor with a SNAP Module? bps230.pdf 1061.98 KB ...
Get your October product news and updates
Blog - Published:
What's new at Opto 22? We've had plenty to talk about this past month, so here's a recap of product, firmware, and software updates, as well as new groov I/O module releases! Learn about new groov EPIC...more
IO error between EPIC and SNAP PAC R1
Forum - Published:
We use a groov epic to manage two snap pac R1 ( 1 for digital IO and 1 for analog IO). In the strategy, we have a chart to recopy all IO from our snap pac R1 with the function “move I/O unit to numeric...more
USB Barcode Scanner Setup & Flow (requires SSH access)
Forum - Published:
Here are some detailed instructions for installing the node-red-contrib-usbhid Node-RED package on a groov EPIC. The flow at the bottom of this post can be used to get generic USB barcode scanner input...more