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Technical Note: Migrating from SNAP PAC to groov EPIC
Documents - 2323 - Published:
If you already have an Opto 22 SNAP PAC System, you may be looking at groov EPIC and wondering how it is different, and whether you should migrate to an EPIC system. What would you gain? What issues...more
Press Release: Opto 22 announces new Director of Technical Marketing
Documents - 2325 - Published:
Josh Eastburn brings experience in process automation and system integration to his new position as Director of Technical Marketing. In this position, Eastburn will lead the creation of useful and...more
System Update: Upload progress bar stops; banner turns red
Knowledge Base - KB88069 - Published:
During the Upload step of a system update (from groov Manage Home page, click Maintenance > Update), the progress bar will stop and the groov Manage title bar (in the background) will turn red. No error message is displayed.
PID mode in IVAL tab may be incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB88229 - Published:
In PAC Control Debug mode, on the IVAL tab of the View PID Loop dialog, the PID mode may be inaccurate (for example, auto instead of manual). The PID loop is running as expected and the PID mode is displayed correctly everywhere else.
Controller returns Status Code of -443 or -20 for HTTP Status Code of 204
Knowledge Base - KB88265 - Published:
If you run an HTTP Post from String table command with an empty body, the PAC Controller should return a Status Code of 0 because the HTTP Status Code for an empty body is 204, which is a valid response. However, the Status Code returned is -20 or -443.
Values for BCD tags display as raw decimal
Knowledge Base - KB88253 - Published:
If a gadget in your groov View project is configured with a BCD tag on a Modbus device, when you run the project and groov View displays the value of the BCD tag, it displays it as decimal integer instead of BCD.
Reading LBCD tag on Modbus device causes "Unknown error" and disconnection from device
Knowledge Base - KB88177 - Published:
If a gadget in your groov View project is configured with an LBCD tag on a Modbus device, when you run the project and groov View reads the LBCD tag, you will see an "Unknown error" message and groov View will disconnect from the device.
Cannot enable communication to groov I/O unit
Knowledge Base - KB88418 - Published:
Under certain conditions after a PAC Control strategy has run, the control engine will not be able to enable communication to groov I/O Units and a -93 (I/O Unit Disabled) error will be posted to the control engine’s message queue.
groov Manage PAC Controller page may not show strategy information
Knowledge Base - KB88445 - Published:
When you go to the PAC Controller page (from groov Manage Home, click Controller > PAC Controller), the information in the Strategy section might be blank. If there is no strategy installed, the Name field should say "None".
Activate your groov EPIC PR1 Processor
Videos - Published:
This video walks you through the steps needed to activate your groov EPIC PR1 Controller. Activation allows you to get future software updates, receive automatic notifications, future firmware updates, and fully activates groov View.
Animated gif Graphics
Demo - Published:
Here are some handy gif graphic files you can use to make animations. List of gif graphics includes: Augers Automated pumps Flow direction indicators Electrical and Other Warnings Fans ...more
Installing & Configuring Samba on groov EPIC Technical Note
Documents - 2321 - Published:
This technical note shows you how to install Samba on your groov EPIC processor. Samba is free software that provides the application necessary to use the SMB/CIFS protocol, which supports network...more
Installing & Configuring MariaDB Database Server on groov EPIC Technical Note
Documents - 2320 - Published:
This technical note shows you how to install MariaDB, a small, lightweight, open-source database server, on your groov EPIC processor. This tech note is only for advanced developers who are...more