SNAP PAC Sim Control Engine Simulator

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Version: R10.4e
Updated: 10/06/2023

SNAP PAC Sim is Microsoft Windows-based software that simulates the control engine of an Opto 22 programmable automation controller (PAC). You can use SNAP PAC Sim with Opto 22 PAC Project software to develop, download, and debug your PAC Control strategy without a hardware PAC.

Note that PAC Sim is a control engine simulator, not an I/O simulator. If you configure I/O units in your strategy, and the I/O units are not on the Ethernet network of the computer running PAC Sim, you will get errors. For more information, read the Readme (listed below).

IMPORTANT: SNAP PAC Sim is intended for demonstration and testing only and is NOT intended to be used in an actual application. SNAP PAC Sim is time limited and will operate for only 12 hours at one time. After this time has elapsed, the software must be restarted before it can be used again.

Instructions: A short README document is available with instructions for using SNAP PAC Sim. 

This download is freeware. Before downloading, read the Legal Agreement.

As of version R9.5a, Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP are no longer supported.