Scaling and Linearization Example

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Version: R1.0.1
Updated: 08/25/2017

A example strategy written in PAC Control Basic R8.2f that demonstrates how to scale and linearize values. This example strategy uses subroutines to perform most calculations.

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This example strategy is useful if you are using a SNAP-AIRTD module with an unsupported probe (a probe that is not 100-ohm platinum or, for the SNAP-AIRTD-10, 10-ohm copper). It is also helpful for converting resistance to temperature when you are using a thermistor with a SNAP-AIR40K module.

Here are some other situations where linearization is typically required:

* Calculating tank volume
* Using non-linear transducers (such as thermocouples or very high-temperature [non-linear] devices)
* Receiving data from a third-party serial device
* Linearizing non-linear mechanical measurements