PAC Project Software - MSI for Command Line Installation

File Size: 263447 KB
Version: R10.5003
Updated: 01/03/2024

Use this .msi (Microsoft® Installer) installation file to install PAC Project software from the command line in Microsoft Windows®.

A command line installation of PAC Project in silent mode requires no user input once installation has begun. This is useful if you are an OEM machine builder who makes many copies of the same machine, or if you are an integrator or someone at a large company who wants to use an installation script. An .msi installation file is designed for a network-wide installation, and it works with Microsoft network features such as Active Directory.

See the PAC Project Command Line Installation Tech Note (form 2131) for instructions and more information.

PAC Project Pro, PAC Control Pro, PAC Display Pro, OptoOPCServer, OptoDataLink, and SoftPAC require OptoPasswords. Click here for more information.
As of version R9.5000-302, Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP are no longer supported.
As of version R10.0000-152, Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Vista are no longer supported.

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