PAC Display Basic

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Version: R10.5c
Updated: 01/03/2024

PAC Display Basic, part of the PAC Project Software Suite, is a user-friendly HMI package for building operator interface applications to communicate with groov EPIC systems, groov RIO edge I/O modules, and SNAP PAC systems. Technicians and operators can monitor the system, respond to alarms, and interact as necessary using a graphical display.

PAC Display Basic is downloaded as part of the PAC Project Basic Software Suite, which also includes software for control programming. Complete documentation is included in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

If you are using multiple seats of PAC Display, we strongly recommend that you also purchase OptoOPCServer (either separately or as part of PAC Project Professional). OptoOPCServer manages all communication with the controller and reduces traffic on the control network.

If you are using older (not groov EPIC, groov RIO, or SNAP PAC) controllers or brains with PAC Project, see the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note (form 1688) for important information.

The following applications are installed by default. If you don't want them all, when prompted during the installation process, uncheck the ones you don't want.

  • PAC Control Basic
  • PAC Display Basic
  • PAC Manager (used only with SNAP PAC controllers and I/O units)
  • Tools (PAC Utilities)
  • EtherNet/IP Configurator