groov EPIC Learning Center Package

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Version: 2.0.0
Updated: 03/15/2021

NOTE: This software package is for the obsolete product GRV-EPIC-LC. For the software package of the current groov EPIC Learning Center 2 (GRV-EPIC-LC2), go to groov EPIC Learning Center 2 Package.
The groov EPIC Learning Center Package contains functional project files for groov View, Node-RED, CODESYS, PAC Control, and PAC Display. The projects were developed to run on the groov EPIC Learning Center.

Each project introduces components of the groov EPIC software architecture. You can run these projects to learn how the software (groov View, Node-RED, CODESYS, PAC Control, and PAC Display) interacts with the Learning Center's groov I/O and load panel.

The project files also demonstrate the results of completing the exercises in our FREE online training, available at Opto 22's Online Training.

You can find instructions on how to install the project files in form 2315, groov EPIC Learning Center Package Install Instructions.