Wireless Ad-Hoc Mode Configuration Technical Note

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Updated: 05/01/2015

** NOTE: The Opto iPAC app referenced in this document is no longer available on the Apple Store. This document remains on our website for customers who already have the app and need assistance with it. **

OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring units and Opto 22 Wired+Wireless™ SNAP PAC controllers and brains can communicate wirelessly with other wireless devices in either infrastructure or ad-hoc mode.

In ad-hoc mode, wireless devices communicate directly with each other, peer-to-peer. Ad-hoc mode is less secure but useful for temporary wireless connections, because it can be set up quickly.

This technical note shows you how to configure ad-hoc mode on the OptoEMU Sensor, controller, or brain using PAC Manager. It also includes steps for configuring ad-hoc mode on a smart phone.

Use this technical note with the AdHocConfig.zip download, which includes a file to make configuration in PAC Manager easier.