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Cannot get I/O reference count to zero
Forum - Published:
I’m transferring a control strategy from SNAP to EPIC. I am going from Control Pro 9.6 to 10.2. I added an EPIC I/O system, made new I/O points, and then replaced them from the SNAP to the EPIC. All...more
Node-red and Groov View Text Area
Forum - Published:
Greetings, Is that possible using node-red Groov Write Node to write data from text file into Text Area Gadget in Groov View? So that the Text Area Gadget could display data on Groov View. Or there is another way to show text file on Groov View? Eg: ...
Use a Serial to USB Converter with groov EPIC
Videos - Published:
This video walks you through the steps needed to use a serial to USB converter with your groov EPIC PR1 controller. Use the USB ports on the groov EPIC PR1 controller to communicate with a serial RS-232, RS-484, or RS-485 device.
SNAP Enet toolkit install using cmd
Forum - Published:
I am working on creating a batch file that executes numerous commands to set up a computer. I have the PAC Project MSI file for use in command prompt. But I am having trouble with the SNAP Ethernet IO...more
Open source is the future of automation
Blog - Published:
Opto 22 speaks up for open-source software. For this month’s IoT feature in Design World magazine, Opto 22 had the chance to weigh in on the value that open-source software brings to industrial...more
Any plans for I2C support?
Forum - Published:
Wondering if there are any plans for adding software I2C support to any existing epic modules, or any plans for a hardware I2C module? Or, maybe the shortest path to I2C would be an arduino or raspi...more
Find the IoT Certified OptoPartner you need
Blog - Published:
Three more companies join the OptoPartner program to give you cutting-edge IIoT product solutions. Do you need help integrating, installing, or updating your Opto 22 system? An OptoPartner can help...more
Implementing audible alarms using text-to-speech
Forum - Published:
Hi everyone. Here’s my challenge…We have 3 groov EPIC units in the plant controlling equipment. We have sirens and horns and such rigged up to sound off whenever there is an alarm condition, but using...more
Updating & New Admin User Account
Forum - Published:
Updating your Epic system from Opto Groov Manage website. Do you need to create a new Admin User Account every time you Update your Epic to the latest version? Or does the Update process clear out the existing Admin User Account?...
Flow to set PAC Control variables using CSV recipes
Forum - Published:
If you’ve ever needed to quickly change an entire strategy’s worth of PAC Control tags back and forth between specific pre-set values, this post is for you! This flow takes tag “recipes” as comma...more
Javascript equivalent for ShiftNumTableElements
Forum - Published:
I want to build an array in a Node Red function block, similar to the technique in PacControl using the command ShiftNumTableElements. I am reading a float variable from the S2 Controller, which...more
Connection or communication errors with Data Simulator and System Devices
Knowledge Base - KB88679 - Published:
In groov View, your project accesses gadgets configured with both Data Simulator and System tags at the same time (normally because they are on the same page), your project may fail to communicate or connect to either or both.
Important news for PAC Control users
Blog - Published:
If you are using PAC Control with either SNAP PACs or groov EPIC, please be aware of an urgent bug fix related to how the control engine configures PID loops. The issue affects: SNAP PAC firmware R10...more
Gadgets show "could not connect to the controller" message
Knowledge Base - KB88663 - Published:
If your groov View project has an I/O Unit device and contains gadgets configured to access a memory map address that is not 4-byte aligned, after groov View tries to access that address, it displays...more
Momentary button doesn't write Release Value to tag
Knowledge Base - KB88580 - Published:
In groov View, when you release a Momentary button, it writes a value (Release Value) that differs from when it was pressed (Press Value). However, if you navigate away from the current page, the Release Value is not written to the tag.
Event conditions in groov View -- any way to use a % value?
Forum - Published:
Is there any way we can use a % value in the limit fields when setting up the event conditions in groov View? I my case, every few hours the tag being monitored (e.g. actual feedrate) changes. We...more
Groov Write Queue Full
Forum - Published:
How many pending writes does the groov AR1 support and how fast are writes written between the onboard Node-Red server and the groov server? I’ve got an application in which I’m querying a device via...more