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EPIC lost communication / won't turn back on
Forum - Published:
Tried turning on one of our EPICs after a period of being powered down… all modules are red, the power is red, but no indicator on the status, and the touchscreen will not turn on. It was reset with a...more
Forum - Published:
I’m trying to connect my PAC controller to my Groov RIO device through Ethernet and followed all steps for that, still it’s not allowing me to connect and flashing an error code: 10057 showing Enternet Socket Error....
MMP address change doesnt reflect on pac control
Forum - Published:
Why changes made through mmp address doesn’t change change pac control. Ex. I changed the channel type for rio through mmp address but it doesnt make any change in pac control io configuration. Is there...more
What is OptoMMP?
Blog - Published:
Learn more about the Opto Memory Map Protocol—a powerful method of interacting with Opto 22 controllers OptoMMP works with everything from SNAP PAC brains to the latest groov products. Let's go over some...more
Advanced HMI Design
Blog - Published:
Learn advanced design techniques for groov View in the latest groov workshop video. Opto 22's Paul Hardt shows you ways to make your groov View operator interface even better—with a basic layout...more
Fuel sender 33-240 Ohm connection
Forum - Published:
We need to find the best way to connect our standard 33-240 Ohm fuel sender to any groov epic card. Curently wondering if we can use a rtd card. Anyone has tried anything?...
CODESYS structured text priority and syntax
Forum - Published:
I’ve got a CODESYS project connected to my groov that’s not acting how I expect. I have a structured text POU like this: IF TestInput THEN TestOutput := TRUE; ELSE TestOutput := FALSE; END_IF Those...more
Wiring Printout
Forum - Published:
Hello, Is there a way to print out the I/O Modules and Points from PAC Control? Currently, I expand it, take several screen shots and print these out to pass to our electrician doing the wiring. Surely there’s an easier way. Thanks in advance, Martin....
Groov Rio - User configurable io points
Forum - Published:
Currently we have a idea something similar to the below operation but rather than ipaddress i am looking for user configurable io points in groov rio from groov view which is connected to groov epic...more
Android aPAC availability
Forum - Published:
I used to have an iPhone with iPac installed. It is very useful. But now I have an android and I cannot get the aPac version of the app. How can I get this installed on my device? play...more
Advanced HMI Design Techniques with groov View
Videos - Published:
This video shows how you can create HMI designs using Opto 22's groov View. Learn how to use various layering techniques to create some stunning graphics for your next HMI design project.
CODESYS WLAN Communication
Forum - Published:
I’m working through Opto22’s CODESYS guide. It automatically has me choose the Ethernet adapter as the communication interface. However, my Groov and the machine I’m developing the CODESYS program on...more
Connection to multiple rs485 modbus rtu slaves
Forum - Published:
connection to multiple rs485 modbus rtu slaves I have a groov epic with two GRV-CSERI-4 modules, in the second module, on a single channel I have wired two identical drives in serial RS485 MODBUS RTU...more
Connecting a Local Network for Email Service Via Groov View
Forum - Published:
Hello, Quick overview of the network set up. I have multiple PR1’s connected to a master PR1. All PR1s are connected back to a Ethernet switch. All PR1s are connected VIA ETH0. (ETH1 is free for use...more
NodeRed RIO source location
Forum - Published:
I have some custom node that I would like to try and manually insert into the Rio palette. Is the file structure accessible or locked behind a docker? I do have ssh enabled....
groov EPIC Learning Center returns
Blog - Published:
Learn and experiment with your own updated groov EPIC Learning Center 2 The new groov EPIC Learning Center 2 is in production now—and it includes even more features and capabilities than the original...more
Free Tech Support: Opto 22's Commitment to Your Success
Blog - Published:
Learn the different options available to you for free product support from Opto 22. You deserve support that's as reliable and efficient as the automation solutions you implement. At Opto 22, we stand...more
PAC-S2 to R2 IO Error Code -98
Forum - Published:
I have a PAC S2 producing an I/O error code 98 to a PAC-R2. I cannot find this in the manual or here on the forum. Any explanation for what this is?...
PID TPO output display bug in PAC Control 10.5b
Forum - Published:
This is the first time I’m using the configuration dialog instead of the memory map to configure TPO PIDs since this capability had been added and I am seeing an issue with the Configure PID Loops...more
Groov RIO won't reconnect to MQTT or network after network outage
Forum - Published:
I’m having an issue with my RIOs not reconnecting automatically after there is a network disruption. My radios come back up fine and I can get a connection all the way to them, but cannot even ping the...more
Let's talk industrial cybersecurity
Blog - Published:
Tune in to the latest episode of the Manufacturing Hub Network podcast for an in-depth discussion on industrial cybersecurity. Still learning the best ways to keep your industrial control systems...more
See what groov can do in Germany
Blog - Published:
Join us for the SPS event in Nuremberg. Here's another opportunity to see live groov EPIC and groov RIO product demos in Europe! Opto 22 returns to Nuremberg this year for the annual SPS (Smart...more
On-Time/Off-Time options missing from Add Watch Entry dialog in PAC Control
Knowledge Base - KB90756 - Published:
When you attempt to add a Watch entry in PAC Control Debug mode for a digital (discrete) output point configured with the On/Off-Time Totalizer feature, the On-Time/Off-Time options may be missing from...more