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CAD Drawings: groov EPIC System (new)
Downloads - Published:
This ZIP file contains drawings in a variety of file formats for groov EPIC products, including the groov EPIC processor, chassis, groov I/O modules, power supplies, and more, all in one download...more
Another groov EPIC factory training in the books
Blog - Published:
Opto 22 headquarters welcomed students to the May 2023 groov EPIC Premium Factory Training class. The value of in-person, instructor-led training at the Opto 22 factory and headquarters is evident after...more
True North Solutions brings oil & gas experience to OptoPartner program
Blog - Published:
Welcome True North Solutions as the newest OptoPartner in Opto 22's system integrator network. The OptoPartner program is growing rapidly in 2023, and we're pleased to announce we just added another new...more
Modbus Serial (RS485) Write Failure - Node Red
Forum - Published:
Hello, I have followed Modbus serial with Node-RED and was successful upon reading data with the recommended hardware and a real device. However, every time I try to write to a coil, it always fails. I...more
Node red crashing
Forum - Published:
Hi I have a problem with Node-Red restarting itself. Here is log: 2023-05-18 13:35:29: App [node-red] with id [8] and pid [3413], exited with code [0] via signal [SIGSEGV] 2023-05-18 13:35:39: Starting...more
PAC Manager: On Generic Read/Write page, error when using write-only address or navigating with Tab key
Knowledge Base - KB90538 - Published:
You may see  "Error reading area: The I/O Unit does not support this area." or  "Enter valid scaling values." while working in the Generic Read/Write page of the Inspect Opto 22 Device window of PAC Manager.
Parameter values incorrectly changed when pasting blocks from one strategy into another strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90545 - Published:
When you copy blocks from one strategy to another strategy, the values of numeric or string literals parameters used in some commands may have changed. This issue happens when either numeric literals or...more
PAC Control: Changing type of I/O unit for a subroutine parameter causes parameter to disappear and compile errors
Knowledge Base - KB89495 - Published:
If a parameter of a subroutine has an I/O unit as the type (for example, SNAP-PAC-R1), and then you change the I/O unit to another type (for example, GRV-EPIC-PR1), the parameter may disappear from the...more
groov system configurator debuts new features
Blog - Published:
Try out the beta version of the online system configurator to start designing your groov EPIC and RIO control systems together. Have you tried out previous versions of the groov EPIC Configurator or...more
Using security certificates with Opto 22 Node-RED packages
Blog - Published:
New video shows how to access data no matter where your Node-RED server is running. The Node-RED how-to video series continues with some tips on using certificates. Recent videos in the series covered...more
Opto 22 Node-RED Packages: Using Certificates
Videos - Published:
Terry Orchard is back at the demo desk to show you how to use both self-signed and Certificate Authority certificates to help move data between groov RIO and EPIC, no matter where your Node-RED server is running.
Node-Red fast retrieval of variables
Forum - Published:
I am currently using Node-Red with the Opto22 Provided OPC pac control node, it works great, I am able to retrieve a fairly large table once per second. I have noticed, specially when running node-red...more
Anybody with experience using Node-RED to communicate with INGEAR AB OPC?
Forum - Published:
Hello… I’m trying to use a Groov EPIC PR-1 controller to import some data from a plating line installed by a 3rd party in my facility. The installer uses an Allen Bradley PLC (which I know essentially...more
Is it possible to obtain unscaled AI/AO values in PAC Control?
Forum - Published:
Hello, I have multiple flow controllers configured as AI/AO points in my groov system I am using PAC control to design my strategy, and I need to verify the calibration of some of the controllers due...more
PAC Error -401 Unable to Authorize transaction
Forum - Published:
HI Guys I have been running for sometime now some flow charts within NodeRed and my Epic. I am collecting data from a webpage that converts text to number and then i send it to a Pac Write Node, then...more
Case Study: Clearing Harmful Algal Blooms
Blog - Published:
AECOM, Ecosa, ENGraphted, and Opto 22 team up for a new solution to a complex environmental problem. Harmful algal blooms (HABs) in lakes, rivers, and oceans are an increasingly severe problem...more
A different approach to digital evolution
Blog - Published:
New OptoPartner Axiom Manufacturing Systems focuses on helping small and midmarket manufacturers achieve digital transformation. With proven IoT expertise in the manufacturing sector, Axiom...more
Node-Red Dashboard won't install
Forum - Published:
I had to reset my RIO - power monitor and now the dashboard is missing and it will not install from the node-red store. Has anyone else had this problem? Any fix/work-around? Thanks in advance!...
Can't Delete a Tag - Opto Control
Forum - Published:
I have removed a tag from the program, however it still shows up as being used 1 time, therefore I am unable to delete the tag....