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Channel's Status field does not update for digital inputs on channels 2-7
Knowledge Base - KB89106 - Published:
When you configure any channel between 2 and 7 as a digital input, when you go to the channel's status page (from groov Manage Home, click I/O Channels, then the channel number), the State...more
I/O configuration between PAC Control and groov RIO do not match; -56 "Invalid Address" error
Knowledge Base - KB89084 - Published:
Error code -56 "Invalid Address" for chart <system: _INIT_IO> in the message queue and the I/O configuration does not match the PAC Control I/O configuration for the RIO device.
Analog input channels with non-zero offset calibration show incorrect values
Knowledge Base - KB89081 - Published:
If you configure an analog channel to report degrees Fahrenheit and set offset to any value other than zero, the channel value will have an offset error proportional to 5/9ths the desired offset.
The OPC UA tag browser allows you to assign unsupported tags to gadgets
Knowledge Base - KB89054 - Published:
The OPC UA tag browser allows you to assign unsupported tags to gadgets. If you assign a tag with an unsupported data type (for example, dates or times) to a gadget, you may run into problems when you...more
Square Wave A (1 sec on/off) on Data Simulator does not turn on
Knowledge Base - KB89169 - Published:
If you connect a gadget to the Square Wave A (1 sec on/off) tag in the Data Simulator device, the gadget may not behave as expected. For example, if you connect the square wave to an LED gadget, the LED will not turn on when you run your project.
groov View reports "This gadget does not have a properly configured tag" for some OPC UA array tags
Knowledge Base - KB89044 - Published:
If you connect an OPC UA tag that uses an array data type with an unspecified array length to a gadget, groov View may report that the gadget does not have a properly configured tag.
Can't import pages with Oval, Rectangle, Text Area, or Value gadgets
Knowledge Base - KB88875 - Published:
When you import a previously-exported page that has Oval, Rectangle, Text Area, or Value gadgets, the import fails with the message "Failed to import page. Details: Could not parse request json.".
Older PAC Control or OptoControl Strategies with mistic I/O points are incorrect in newer PAC Control
Knowledge Base - KB89156 - Published:
If you open an OptoControl strategy with mistic I/O points in PAC Control R10.3a, PAC Control does not convert the mistic I/O points correctly. In PAC Control Debug mode, mistic points will not...more
Add Serial Channel and Add Analog Point dialog boxes show incorrect options in Type and Module fields for groov modules
Knowledge Base - KB89203 - Published:
In PAC Control, when adding points to groov modules, the Add Serial Channel and Add Analog Point dialog boxes show incorrect options in the Type and Module fields.
Alarm point automatic re-alarming time may not be accurate
Knowledge Base - KB88715 - Published:
If you configured an alarm point to re-alarm after a specific amount of time (Automatic Re-Alarming Time), after the alarm is triggered and acknowledged, PAC Display triggers a re-alarm before the...more
GRV-ITM-12 Module Firmware
Downloads - Published:
This download contains current firmware for the GRV-ITM-12 module. For a list of bug fixes and enhancements included in this firmware, see the groov I/O Modules Firmware Readme.
groov Products Comparison Chart
Documents - 2347 - Published:
This two-page chart compares features of the following groov products: groov EPIC (processor part number GRV-EPIC-PR1) groov RIO (including part number GRV-R7-MM1001-10) groov Edge Appliance...more