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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE - SNAP Ultimate controller/brain, digital only, for ioProject systems

Production Specification

**** NOTE: The SNAP-UP1-D64 will be obsolete once current stock is depleted.****
Although fully supported, this is a legacy product and not recommended for new designs. For new designs, the SNAP-PAC-R2 on-the-rack controller has the same simple digital capability as the SNAP-UP1-D64 but can also handle 16- and 32-channel digital, plus analog and serial modules. It is also more powerful. The SNAP-PAC-R2 uses a SNAP PAC rack.


The SNAP-UP1-D64 controller/brain is a programmable I/O and communications processor. It can be used as a rack-mounted controller or as an I/O unit in a larger control system based on a more powerful Opto 22 controller, such as the SNAP-PAC-S1.

Used as a rack-mounted controller, the SNAP-UP1-D64 is programmed using the legacy ioProject Basic software suite, which is included in the purchase price. The newer PAC Project software suite was designed for SNAP PAC controllers but also offers limited support for SNAP Ultimate I/O.

NOTE: Not all SNAP I/O modules are compatible with this controller. See Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts to determine compatibility.

SNAP-UP1-ADS [Obsolete], SNAP-UP1-D64, and SNAP-UP1-M64 [Obsolete}

]Power Requirements

5.0 VDC to 5.2 VDC at 1.2 A maximum (does not include module power requirements)


32-bit ColdFire 5407

  Total RAM
  Battery-backed RAM
  Flash EEPROM


16 MB
512 KB
8 MB

Backup battery

CR2032, fixed (not user replaceable)

Network Interface

IEEE 802.3 network, 10Base-T and 100Base-TX

Serial Port


Serial Data Rates

Default is 19,200 baud; baud rate is soft-selectable from 150 to 115,200 baud.

Maximum Ethernet Segment Length

100 meters with Category 5 or superior UTP.
For 100 Mbps at this distance, use Category 5 or superior solid UTP.

Jumpers (Internal)

Boot to kernel/boot to loader
Reset to factory defaults



0 °C to 70 °C
-40 °C to 85 °C


0–95% humidity, non-condensing

ioProject Software Suite Data Sheet

*** NOTE:  Three products in this suite (IOPROJECTBAS, IOPROJECTPRO, and IOCONTROLPRO)  are OBSOLETE and no longer available.***

This data sheet describes Opto 22's legacy ioProject software suite, which provides control and HMI development tools for a SNAP Ethernet-based control system. The ioProject suite includes ioControl, ioDisplay, OptoOPCServer, and ioManager.

NOTE: For new development, use a SNAP PAC controller and PAC Project software.

SNAP Ultimate Brain Data Sheet

*** NOTE: The SNAP-UP1-ADS and SNAP-UP1-M64 are obsolete and no longer available. The SNAP-UP1-D64 is available until limited stock is depleted. ***

For new development, see groov RIO and groov EPIC.

The SNAP Ultimate brain (SNAP-UP1-ADS, SNAP-UP1-D64, SNAP-UP1-M64) is an I/O and communications processor that mounts on a standard SNAP rack. The brain features 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet connectivity, programmability, and built-in enterprise connectivity. The brain is programmed using flowchart-based ioControl programming software, which is included in the purchase price of the SNAP Ultimate brain.

SNAP Ultimate I/O Firmware README

This README file lists revision changes made to the SNAP Ultimate I/O firmware used in SNAP Ultimate brains.

ioProject Readme Notes

Readme for ioProject Basic and Professional, the legacy versions of PAC Project. Includes information on features, enhancements, and bug fixes for each ioProject application: ioControl, ioDisplay, OptoOPCServer, ioManager, and ioUtilities.

SNAP Legacy Firmware README

This README file lists revision changes made to the firmware used in SNAP PAC family controllers before Version 8.0a, the SNAP-LCE controller, and SNAP Ultimate, Ethernet, and Simple brains.

Legacy Edition, PAC Manager User's Guide

This document is the Legacy Edition of the PAC Manager User's Guide. It includes information about both SNAP PAC hardware and older hardware.

Use this guide if you are using any legacy hardware (SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Simple I/O, E1 and E2 brain boards) with PAC Manager (software part number PACMANAGER).

If you are using SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP PAC brains only, use Form 1704, PAC Manager User's Guide instead of this guide.

Modbus/TCP Protocol Guide

This document shows you how to set up communication between Ethernet-based Modbus systems (using Modbus/TCP) and the groov EPIC system or SNAP PAC System.

In addition to groov I/O and the SNAP PAC System, the guide also covers Modbus/TCP communication with older Opto 22 Ethernet-based devices, including SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Simple, and SNAP Ultimate I/O; and E1 and E2 brain boards.

OptoMMP Protocol Guide

This guide is for programmers who are writing custom applications to communicate with Opto 22 memory-mapped devices. These devices include groov EPIC processors; groov RIO modules; SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP PAC EB and SB brains; G4EB2 brains; SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Simple I/O; E1 and E2 brain boards, and SNAP-LCE controllers.

The guide describes how to use the IEEE 1394-based OptoMMP memory-mapped protocol for programming. The guide also contains the complete memory map for all Opto 22 memory-mapped devices.

NOTE: This guide replaced previous individual programming guides for SNAP Ultimate I/O (form #1312) and SNAP Ethernet I/O (form #1227). This document was formerly called the "SNAP Ethernet-Based I/O Units Protocols and Programming Guide."

SNAP Ethernet-Based I/O Units User's Guide

*** NOTE: These products are obsolete and no longer available. For new development, we recommend groov RIO and groov EPIC. ***

This guide shows you how to install, use, and troubleshoot I/O units that contain the following brains: SNAP-B3000-ENET, SNAP-ENET-S64, SNAP-UP1-M64, SNAP-UP1-ADS, SNAP-ENET-RTC, SNAP-ENET-D64, and SNAP-UP1-D64.

NOTE: This guide replaces previous individual user's guides for SNAP Ultimate I/O (form #1311) and SNAP Ethernet I/O (form #1112).

ioManager User's Guide

ioManager is the software tool used to assign IP addresses and configure I/O points and system functions on most Opto 22 Ethernet-based hardware, including SNAP-LCE controllers: SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Simple, E1, and E2 I/O units; and SNAP-IT units. ioManager can also be used to directly read or write to these devices.

ioControl Commands Quick Reference Card

Quick reference card for using ioControl, including all standard ioControl commands and their OptoScript equivalents. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

ioControl Command Reference

This command reference describes in detail all ioControl programming commands, or instructions. Use with form #1300, the ioControl User's Guide. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

ioControl User's Guide

The ioControl User's Guide includes programming instructions and tips for developing control strategies to run on SNAP Ultimate controller/brains and SNAP-LCE controllers. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note

This document describes migration options for customers integrating the SNAP PAC System with older Opto 22 systems. It explains the SNAP PAC System's similarities and differences with earlier systems, defines legacy products, and shows how to mix old and new hardware.

Customers moving to the SNAP PAC System may also want to consult form #1693, Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts.

Caso: Soto la Marina (Spanish)

Caso sobre la automización de una planta de tratamiento de aguas en la ciudad de Soto la Marina, un puerto ubicado en la costa de Tamaulipas en el Golfo de México. (Case study of how a water treatment plant in Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas, Mexico, was automated.)

SNAP-UP1-D64 Controller/Brain Firmware

This download contains current firmware for the SNAP-UP1-D64 controller/brain.

Controller Time Synchronization Application

This software application updates the internal clock for an Ethernet-connected Opto 22 controller. The application runs in Windows at the command prompt, and can update controller clocks regularly or just once.

This application is used with the following Opto 22 controllers:

  • SNAP PAC S- and R-Series
  • Ultimate I/O (UIO)
  • M4
  • M4RTU
  • M4IO
This download is freeware. Before downloading, read the Legal Agreement.

OptoAgent Integration (for CA Unicenter NSM 3.1)

OptoAgent Integration for CA Unicenter, in conjunction with Opto 22 SNMP-enabled Ethernet hardware, provides a convenient method for monitoring and managing real-world devices and business assets. OptoAgent allows for real-world data to be integrated into Unicenter.


The OptoAgent Integration supports both SNMP traps and polling to keep Unicenter updated on the current state of the hardware, and alert Unicenter of any problems. It also gives the user the ability to control the Opto 22 hardware.

OptoAgent Integration takes advantage of Unicenter Agent technology to graphically represent the Opto 22 hardware to the user. This Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes monitoring and managing real-world assets intuitive.

OptoAgent gives you the ability to read and write digital and analog I/O points that are attached to the Opto 22 hardware. These I/O points are connected to real-world electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices - such as lights, temperature and pressure sensors, motors, and serial devices. Using Unicenter, OptoAgent, and Opto 22 hardware, you can manage these real-world devices.

You can use ioManager software to configure the Opto 22 hardware and I/O points for use with OptoAgent. You can also configure OptoAgent to send SNMP traps based upon events you define.

Once the Opto 22 hardware and I/O points are configured, you can use OptoAgent View to see information about the Opto 22 hardware and the status and values of digital and analog I/O points.

SNAP Ethernet I/O BootP Server - Linux

A BootP server for configuring the IP address of the SNAP Ethernet brains and the M4SENET-100 adapter card.

Before you download, read the Legal Agreement.

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