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Adapter for using SNAP PAC or SNAP M-series brains on SNAP B-series mounting racks

Production Specification

The SNAP-RCK-M2B is a small adapter for SNAP B-series racks, which allows the rack to accommodate one SNAP PAC R-series controller or one SNAP PAC brain.

This rack adapter is useful for customers with existing B-series racks who need to replace an older I/O processor (such as a SNAP Ultimate controller or a SNAP Ethernet brain) with a SNAP PAC controller or brain. The adapter adds 0.675 inches (1.715 cm) to the overall height of the unit.

NOTE: The adapter does not change the module position limitations of the rack; 4-channel digital modules can still be placed only in the first eight positions on the rack.
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SNAP TEX Mounting/Wiring Tools and Spare Parts Data Sheet

SNAP TEX wiring and mounting accessories are covered in two data sheets. This document includes DIN-rail mounting kits, rack accessories, spare parts, and tools with the following part numbers:

For cables and breakout boards, see Form 1756, SNAP TEX Cables and Breakout Boards Data Sheet.

SNAP-RCK-M2B Rack Adapter Installation Note

This note describes how to install the SNAP-RCK-M2B rack adapter, which allows a SNAP PAC rack-mounted controller or brain to be used on a legacy B-series SNAP rack. This note is applicable to these parts:

CAD Drawing: SNAP-RCK-M2B Rack Adapter

This CAD file includes drawings of the SNAP-RCK-M2B rack adapter. This adapter makes it possible for customers who are upgrading existing systems to temporarily mount a SNAP PAC brain or on-the-rack controller on a legacy SNAP B-series rack.

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