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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE SNAP Controller with Two COM Ports for FactoryFloor systems

Production Specification

*** The SNAP-LCSX is obsolete and no longer available as of January 2014, due to the unavailability of essential parts.***

For new development we recommend using the SNAP-PAC-S2 standalone controller and the PAC Project Professional software suite instead of the SNAP-LCSX and FactoryFloor. SNAP PAC S-series controllers with PAC Project Pro offer a migration path for legacy mistic systems. The SNAP-PAC-S2 controller is slightly larger than the LCSX. It provides more power and offers more features, including 4 configurable serial ports plus Ethernet network connections.

For more information on migration, see the FactoryFloor to PAC Project Migration Technical Note.

To compare product features, see Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts.

The SNAP-LCSX controller provides real-time industrial control in a small footprint. It is designed to work with the FactoryFloor software suite and with SNAP brains, racks, and analog and digital SNAP I/O modules.

The SNAP-LCSX is NOT compatible with the PAC Project Software suite.
*This product is obsolete and no longer available. ***




32-bit Motorola 68EC020 processor

CPU clock frequency

16.67 MHz

    Flash ROM


1 MB with battery backup
256 KB

RAM/clock battery

3.6-volt lithium, non-rechargeable, user replaceable, p/n G4BATT32


Opto 22 remote I/O using RS-485


COM 0: jumper selectable as RS-232 or RS-485, 2-wire or 4-wire. Modem control signals are present for RS-232 (RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD, and R). Pull-up, pull-down, and termination are jumper selectable for RS-485 operation, allowing multidrop operation.

COM 1: dedicated Opto 22 remote I/O port (2-wire RS-485 with interrupt capability)

COM 2 and COM 3 (LCSX-PLUS only): jumper selectable RS-232 or RS-485. RS-232 signals include TX, RX, RTS, and CTS. RS-485 is either 2-wire or 4-wire, with selectable termination and biasing.

Note: All ports use low-noise slew-rate-limited drivers and are transient protected to 400 W.

Real-time clock

Clock/calendar, Epson 64613 with battery backup

Power requirements

5 VDC ± 5% at 500 mA (maximum)

Typical operating temperature

0 °C to 70 °C

Storage temperature

-40 °C to 85 °C


5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


FactoryFloor (OptoControl, OptoDisplay, OptoServer, and OptoConnect) and Classic software (Cyrano, Mistic MMI, and MDS)

System monitor

Processor and power watchdog timers

Agency Approvals DFARS, RoHS

SNAP LCSX Controllers Data Sheet

*** These products are obsolete and no longer available. ***
The SNAP-LCSX and SNAP-LCSX-PLUS controllers are the cost-effective answer to applications requiring small, powerful, real-time industrial control.

OptoControl-based Controller Firmware README

This README file lists revision changes made to the firmware used in the following Opto 22 controllers that run OptoControl strategies: G4LC32, G4LC32SX, M4, M4IO, M4RTU, SNAP-LCSX, SNAP-LCSX-PLUS, and SNAP-LCM4.

Cyrano-based Controller Firmware README

This README file lists revision changes made to the firmware used in the following Opto 22 controllers that run Cyrano strategies: G4LC32, G4LC32SX, G4LC32ISA, G4LC32ISA-LT, M4, M4IO, M4RTU, M4RTU Rev.2, SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX, and SNAP-LCSX-PLUS.

SNAP-LCSX and LCSX-Plus User's Guide

This manual contains information about configuration, installation, and communications connections to the SNAP-LCSX and SNAP-LCSX PLUS controller.

SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note

This document describes migration options for customers integrating the SNAP PAC System with older Opto 22 systems. It explains the SNAP PAC System's similarities and differences with earlier systems, defines legacy products, and shows how to mix old and new hardware.

Customers moving to the SNAP PAC System may also want to consult form #1693, Legacy and Current Product Comparison and Compatibility Charts.

Case Study: Airport Automation

Minnesota Control Company is using a collection of Opto 22 ’s popular serial products including the G4 I/O modules, B100 brain boards, and SNAP-LCM4s (with fiber-optic repeaters) for automating and monitoring the airport’s many critical systems.

Caso: Redes de Distribución de Agua en Monterrey, México (Spanish)

Caso sobre la automización de un amplio sistema acuífero en la ciudad de Monterrey, NL en México. (Case study describing a large water/wastewater control project in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Document is in Spanish.)

SNAP-PSDIN Installation Note

This document describes how to install a SNAP DIN-RAIL mounting assembly.

CE Declaration: Low Voltage

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration for the listed products as mentioned in the attachment - to which this confirmation refers - that they are in accordance with the mentioned European, international and/or national standards and regulations.

BETA firmware for OptoControl-based controllers

This download contains BETA firmware for Opto 22 controllers running OptoControl strategies.

Beta Version Disclaimer:

OptoControl is a legacy product, which is no longer getting new features and no longer going through official release cycles. Beta versions of the firmware are made available as-is for those who need the related bug fixes.

In general, beta versions will include bug fixes since the last official release, without adding new features. This usually enhances product stability without introducing unwanted side effects. Beta versions for legacy products have been through basic testing only, and will not be formally tested.

Ultimately, the choice will be up to the user as to whether the benefit of using the beta version is worth the risk. We simply want to make the beta version available so that you have options.

SNAP-LCSX Controller Firmware

This download contains the current firmware for the SNAP-LCSX controller. The download also includes firmware for SNAP-LCM4SNAP-LCSXSNAP-LCSX-PLUSM4M4RTU, and other Opto 22 OptoControl-based controllers.

AutoCAD Drawings

This file contains AutoCAD drawings of Opto 22 products dating from 1988 to 2003. These are the same drawings that have been available on our BBS. Included is an Excel file describing the file names and relevant Opto 22 part numbers.

Cyrano Flash Firmware

Current release of 16-bit Cyrano firmware. This firmware is required to run Cyrano strategies on legacy Opto 22 controllers.

Cyrano Flash Firmware and Installation Utility

Current release of 16-bit Cyrano firmware. This firmware is required to run Cyrano strategies on Opto 22 controllers. This file installs the Opto 22 Flash 200 utility (version R3.1i) and Cyrano firmware (version R3.2j).

Cyrano Software

The predecessor to OptoControl, Cyrano is a DOS application for flowchart control programming. This software does not run under Windows NT.

Mistic MDS

Mistic MDS is the predecessor to OptoServer. It is a DDE-only server for the Cyrano tagname database that operates under Windows 3.x.

Mistic MMI

Mistic MMI is the predecessor to OptoDisplay. It is a 16-bit Windows 3.x Man-Machine Interface package that is tightly integrated with Cyrano.

OptoTerm Utility for OptoControl Controllers

This download contains a full installation of the most recent version of OptoTerm, a software utility for:

  • Downloading new firmware to an OptoControl-based controller.
  • Viewing the status of an OptoControl-based controller.

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