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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE Breakout Board for SNAP-AIMA-32 Analog Input Module, Factory Mutual Approved

Production Specification

*** This product is obsolete and no longer available. ***

The SNAP-AIMA-HDB-FM is a convenient breakout board for wiring field devices to a 32-channel SNAP-AIMA-32-FM analog input module. This breakout board is strongly recommended for use with the SNAP-AIMA-32-FM, because miswiring of any point on the module can cause severe out-of-warranty damage. The breakout rack protects the module from many wiring errors.

Use the SNAP-HD-BF6 cable to connect the module to the breakout board.

The SNAP-AIMA-HDB-FM is Factory Mutual approved. If you don't need FM approval, choose the SNAP-AIMA-HDB instead.

For reference: Modules, Cables, and Breakout Boards Compatibility Charts

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