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groov RIO Learning Center 

Production Specification

Ready to learn about or experiment with groov RIO®, Opto 22's Ethernet-based edge I/O module?

groov RIO revolutionizes remote I/O by offering hundreds of thousands of unique, software-configurable I/O combinations in a single, compact, PoE-powered industrial package with web-based configuration, commissioning, and flow logic software built in, plus support for multiple OT and IT protocols.

The groov RIO Learning Center is packed with fully-functioning groov RIO hardware and software. The included processor is a GRV-R7-MM1001-10.

NOTE: If you're interested in exploring groov RIO MM2 (GRV-R7-MM2001-10), which adds Ignition and Ignition Edge® software from Inductive Automation®, see the GRV-RIO2-LC Learning Center instead.

The Learning Center is ideal for pilot projects, Proofs of Concept (POCs), demonstrations, or simply having a fully working system on your bench or desk for development.

  • Download a fully functional configuration file for the groov RIO Learning Center, complete with configured I/O, Node-RED flows, a PID, and more.
  • Free OptoU Online Training for groov RIO is coming soon at 
Get your groov RIO Learning Center and get started now!

The GRV-RIO-LC includes:



  • Node-RED  to log data, send email alerts, control devices, create process dashboards, connect to databases, cloud services, and APIs 
  • groov Manage to configure, commission, and troubleshoot the system
  • MQTT with Sparkplug messaging for secure, bi-directional, lightweight data communications

Acrylic Stand with

  • DIN rail
  • USB Type-C connector
  • 1 color backlight LED for acrylic stand
  • 1 load panel wiring harness to I/O
  • Load panel with:
    • 2 illuminated pushbuttons
    • 1 Potentiometer
    • 1 ICTD temperature probe

groov RIO Learning Center Data Sheet

groov RIO® Learning Centers (part numbers GRV-RIO-LC and GRV-RIO2-LC) are fully functioning packages of Opto 22 hardware and software designed to help you learn how to use groov RIO Ethernet-based edge I/O. The companion groov RIO Learning Center Package can help jump start your learning by configuring your I/O to work with the load panel and the included Node-RED flows, which show you how to create a dashboard for browsers and mobile devices, work with a PID control loop, and write data to a file.

These Learning Centers make it easy to get started with your automation and IIoT projects with a Proof of Concept, demonstration, or prototype. 

2362 groov RIO Learning Center Package Installation Instructions

This document describes how to install projects on your groov RIO Learning Center (part numbers GRV-RIO-LC and GRV-RIO2-LC). These projects are included in the groov RIO Learning Center Package.

groov RIO Learning Center Setup

This document comes in the box with your groov RIO Learning Center (part number GRV-RIO-LC and GRV-RIO2-LC). It shows you how to set up and use the Learning Center, including how to assemble and start it, install control programming software, and download completed project files to explore and compare to the ones you create. 

groov RIO Universal I/O User's Guide

This user's guide shows you how to assemble, initialize, configure, commission, and maintain a groov RIO universal I/O module, part numbers GRV-R7-MM1001-10 and GRV-R7-MM2001-10. It is also helpful for groov RIO Learning Centers (GRV-RIO-LC and GRV-RIO2-LC). The guide explains how to:

  • Connect a power supply and wire field devices
  • Complete the first configuration steps after you turn it on (initialize)
  • Configure it to connect to networks, update network and security configurations, mount USB drives or USB adapters (to serial or WiFi devices), set up centralized user management through LDAP servers, set date and time, and more
  • Select and configure I/O channels and PID loops
  • Keep your RIO up to date by applying firmware updates.

UKCA Declaration of Conformity (groov EPIC and groov RIO)

This document is the Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity for the products listed herein, in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards of the United Kingdom. The models cited have been tested to the essential requirements listed in the Standards section, and fully comply with the legislation as listed in UK Legislation section.

CAD Drawings: groov EPIC and groov RIO I/O wiring

This ZIP file contains I/O wiring diagrams for groov EPIC I/O modules and groov RIO models, in DWG format.

groov RIO Learning Center Package

The groov RIO Learning Center Package contains a fully functional configuration file for the groov RIO Learning Center (part numbers GRV-RIO-LC and GRV-RIO2-LC), complete with configured I/O, Node-RED flows, a PID, and more.

The configuration file demonstrates how to interact with the Learning Center's groov RIO I/O and load panel:

  • Read temperature
  • Control LEDs
  • Respond to push buttons
  • Run a simple UI dashboard
  • Log data to a file on groov RIO
  • Send email alerts
  • Work with a PID
You can find instructions on how to install the configuration file in form 2362, groov RIO Learning Center Package Install Instructions.

Video: Working with I/O on the groov RIO Learning Center

Part of the groov RIO Quick Start series, this video shows you how to work with I/O using a groov RIO Learning Center.

Video: Setting the time on groov RIO

Using a groov RIO Learning Center, you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to set the time on a groov RIO I/O module.

Video: Inspecting a User Account on groov RIO

Learn how to inspect a user account on a groov RIO I/O module using the groov RIO Learning Center.

Video: Working with the Network Settings on groov RIO

Part of the groov RIO Quick Start series, this video shows you how to navigate network settings using a groov RIO Learning Center.

Video: Restoring the Learning Center Package to groov RIO

Learn the necessary steps to restore the Learning Center package to groov RIO.