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ioControl Basic

Production Specification

NOTE: This is a legacy product and is not recommended for new development. For new development, use PAC Control, part of the PAC Project software suite and designed for SNAP PAC controllers.

If you need Ethernet link redundancy, segmented networking, support for legacy FactoryFloor I/O units, or the ability to import OptoControl strategies, see ioControl Professional.


ioControl Basic is a legacy programming language for building control, monitoring, and data acquisition applications for use with SNAP-LCE controllers and SNAP Ultimate I/O. Available as part of the ioProject Basic software suite, ioControl also builds the underlying database for ioDisplay human-machine interfaces.
ioControl Basic is a flowchart-based programming tool for control applications. It includes optional OptoScript programming, subroutines, a graphical debugger, and approximately 400 commands.

Installation requirements:
  • Computer with at least the minimum processor required for your version of Microsoft(R) Windows(R), running Windows XP or Windows 2000(R)(with SP4) workstation operating system. 1 GHz Pentium(R) class or better recommended. Must have Ethernet capability and at least 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended).
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor (Super VGA recommended), minimum size 800x600 with small fonts.
  • Mouse or other pointing device. Printer optional.
  • Available hard disk space required: 29 MB

ioProject Software Suite Data Sheet

*** NOTE:  Three products in this suite (IOPROJECTBAS, IOPROJECTPRO, and IOCONTROLPRO)  are OBSOLETE and no longer available.***

This data sheet describes Opto 22's legacy ioProject software suite, which provides control and HMI development tools for a SNAP Ethernet-based control system. The ioProject suite includes ioControl, ioDisplay, OptoOPCServer, and ioManager.

NOTE: For new development, use a SNAP PAC controller and PAC Project software.

ioProject Readme Notes

Readme for ioProject Basic and Professional, the legacy versions of PAC Project. Includes information on features, enhancements, and bug fixes for each ioProject application: ioControl, ioDisplay, OptoOPCServer, ioManager, and ioUtilities.

ioControl Software README

The README file lists revision changes made to ioControl software.

ioProject 7.1 Release Notes

This document describes the 7.1 release of the ioProject Basic and ioProject Professional software suites, including applications, installation, new features, and enhancements.

ioProject Basic and Professional 7.0 Release Notes

This document describes the version 7.0 release of the ioProject Basic and Professional software suites.

  • ioProject Basic includes ioControl Basic, ioDisplay Basic, and ioManager. ioProject Basic is included with the purchase of a SNAP Ethernet-based controller or brain. It can also be downloaded at no cost from this website.
  • ioProject Professional includes ioControl Professional, ioDisplay Professional, OptoOPCServer, and ioManager. It is designed for use with SNAP PAC controllers and is available for separate purchase. ioProject Pro adds the OPC server and support for Ethernet link redundancy, segmented networking, and legacy FactoryFloor I/O units.

ioControl Commands Quick Reference Card

Quick reference card for using ioControl, including all standard ioControl commands and their OptoScript equivalents. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

ioControl Command Reference

This command reference describes in detail all ioControl programming commands, or instructions. Use with form #1300, the ioControl User's Guide. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

ioControl User's Guide

The ioControl User's Guide includes programming instructions and tips for developing control strategies to run on SNAP Ultimate controller/brains and SNAP-LCE controllers. ioControl is part of the ioProject software suite.

Message Queue Logger

This strategy and project demonstrate how to log messages from a controller's error (or "message") queue to the computer's hard drive. Having this information can make any troubleshooting needed easier.

The message log created provides a history of how your system runs under normal conditions. When problems occur, you will have a history of normal messages as well as error messages to help troubleshoot the cause.

The strategy and project were originally created in ioProject 7.0 Basic, and can be used with ioProject 7.0 and 7.1 as well as PAC Project 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2. It can also be used with Basic or Pro versions.

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