Configure, commission, and troubleshoot your EPIC processor and I/O, groov RIO, security, data service, and networking.

groov Manage  is your central command to your groov EPIC system and your groov RIO module, helping you configure, troubleshoot, and commission your processor, I/O modules, network interfaces, and data communications.

  • Configure networking and device firewall, including a VPN client and port redirects
  • Configure I/O channels and features 
  • Manage and tune PID control loops
  • Set up security, user accounts, and LDAP
  • See I/O specs and wiring diagrams
  • Check I/O status and values
  • Enable data service, including OPC UA and MQTT communications
  • Choose to use Ignition or Ignition Edge® from Inductive Automation® (additional license required; available on groov EPIC and the groov RIO MM2)
  • Create data flows with the Node-RED editor and runtime
  • Manage files stored on the device and/or a USB memory stick
  • Troubleshoot the system 
​You can do all of this from a computer or mobile device for both groov EPIC and groov RIO. On groov EPIC, you can also do all of the same things from the high-resolution color touchscreen built into the front of your EPIC processor. 

Additional Resources for groov Manage

If needed for your application, you can access the data in groov Manage using its REST API. This data includes file information, processor details, and analog/digital points on groov RIO or I/O modules installed on groov EPIC.  For more information, see groov Manage REST API on

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