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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE G1 0-10.8 kHz Rate Input

Production Specification

G1 analog 0-10.8 kHz rate input for Optomux and Pamux systems.

This product is OBSOLETE and no longer available. Please contact Opto 22 Pre-Sales engineers to discuss options for your specific application.

Input Range

0 - 4,095 Hz

Input Overrange

4,095 - 10,800 Hz

  0 to 4,095 Hz
  4,096 to 8191 Hz
  8,192 to 10,800 Hz

1 Hz 2 Hz 4 Hz

Input Parameters
  Input Amplitud Minimum Pulse
  Width Input Impedance

2.0 to 50 V peak-to-peak square wave
40 microseconds
50 k ohms (- input to + input)

Loop Supply Voltage

2.5 - 50 V

Pull-Up Resistor

10 k ohms


± 2 Hz or ± 0.5% of the input frequency
(whichever is greater)

Input Response Time

Full-scale step change in 1 second

Isolation Input-to-Output

4,000 VRMS (optically-coupled)

Power Requirements

25 mA at +15 VDC
15 mA at -15 VDC


Standard Rate Input Module Data Sheet

The AD20 module provides a single channel of frequency-to-digital conversion with 4,000 V rms transient isolation.

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